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The Biggest Video Games Competitions From Around The World

As gaming has risen to become a mainstream entertainment, enjoyed by the masses, it's the competitions that regulate the professional players. For many, gaming is nothing more than an activity enjoyed with friends. However, there is big money to be made for those who are masterminds. Simply put, some gamers have taken their hobby and turned it into a job…

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What are the PS4 Must-haves for 2017?

If you look at any list of ‘the top PS4 games’ you’ll find variations. But if you read enough of those lists, you’ll see the same names appearing. We’ve researched ‘the best of the best’ for you. The Last Guardian Nine years in the making, this visually stunning game is a frequent flyer when it comes to ranking PS4 games.…

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From badass bombshell, to naïve, strong heroine: The evolution of Lara Croft.

Source: Gamesgrabr.com Very few subjects remain iconic over a span of more than 20 years, in any industry. More than 500 video games are released every year, tough competition for anyone entering the market to be able to gain a foothold – and to hold on to it for long. Lara Croft was created at a time when gaming was…

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Games of Games of Thrones - What's Available and What We're Hoping For

Game of Thrones is a TV series that most people will at least be familiar with having been adapted from the series of books (A Song of Ice and Fire) written by George R. R. Martin. The series has not only been very successful but also led to a surge of interest in reading the books the series is based…

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Will Shadow of the Tomb Raider Inspire more Spinoffs and Casino Games?

Thanks to an eagle-eyed nosy gamer catching a glimpse of a careless developer’s open laptop on the Montreal subway earlier in 2017, we have known about Eidos Montreal’s next big game and the upcoming instalment to the Tomb Raider franchise for some time now. The third episode of the rebooted game from Square Enix, Shadow of the Tomb Raider has…

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The PS4 is the Main Reason for the Popularity of Online Gaming

Ever since the dawn of gaming, developers have been striving to create multiplayer opportunities in which more than one person can share the same experience. Atari’s Pong in 1972, for instance, and Spasism on the PLATO Network in 1974 were two early pioneers. Multiplayer gaming was desirable because it created a competitive aspect which served to get players hooked, but…

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The Best Multiplayer PS4 Games to Play with Friends

There are few more enjoyable ways to spend an evening than engaging in a multiplayer battle of wits with your friends on PlayStation 4. Whether it be going head-to-head in a FIFA El Clásico or collaborating in a Team Deathmatch on Call of Duty, each group of mates has their go-to PS4 multiplayer games. Also, with the graphics and complexity…

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How the PS4 Is Taking Over Console Gaming

In the world of console gaming, the battle between Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox will likely never be over. Early reports from 2017 show that the PS4 is actually outselling the latest Xbox One with 60 million PS4s selling compared to the Xbox One’s 26 million, which shows the resounding popularity of the console. With new (old) releases, such as…

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E3 Booty Call Proves Pirates are Here to Stay

E3 was a veritable hive of activity this year, which saw an impressive 68,400 attendees exploring the three-day event. The Los Angeles crowd of game enthusiasts lingered long over Ubisoft’s new pirate themed game, Skull & Bones, which promises to introduce a smooth and seamless multiplayer angle to what has principally been thus far a single player experience. The game…

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Will Sony reveal the PS5 at E3 2017?

With just weeks until the Playstation Media Showcase at the E3 video game trade fair, expectations are high that Sony might use this event to give us a glimpse of the forthcoming PlayStation 5. From 13 to 15 June, several of the world’s biggest gaming brands like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. And…

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Playing It Again: How Has The Music Industry Influenced Gaming?

Music and gaming. Two unstoppable forces that have always gone hand in hand with one another, whether in classic arcade games, major console releases or even new forms of online iGaming that are rapidly gaining more and more popularity each year. We’re here to take a detailed look at the progression of music on gaming on each of these platforms…

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