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September 2016: The Best Games Coming to PS4

The gaming season is normally getting into full swing come September, but you wouldn’t know it when looking at September 2016’s lineup. October is the real month to put down in your calendar, as PS VR and other PS4 exclusives are released. Consider it the quiet before the storm. Still, there are a few gems hidden in the schedule next…

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PS4 4K Gaming: Games Before Resolution

The media hype would have you believe that Sony is ready to announce a fancy new addition the PS4 console family, and whilst it could be true, the juggernaut Japanese company is certainly keeping quiet surrounding this very subject. Andrew House, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has already claimed that a high-end edition is expected to enter the market within…

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No Man's Sky - Unique, But Lacking In Action

When its trailers first hit the gaming scene, No Man's Sky immediately became the subject of a lot of chatter. Dinosaurs and spaceships? people exclaimed. Interplanetary exploration and combat? This game will change everything! Now that the game is actually here, we're going to slice through all that hype and hyperbole and give you the details on the real game.…

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Sony’s Smooth Transition to 4K Gaming

Technology is progressive and seemingly moving at a pace never seen before. It’s this very issue which faces consumers and manufactures alike. How soon should we move towards a 4K resolution digital world? This article takes a look over some of the dilemmas and some possible solutions that faces the PS4, Sony and consumers. Sony is one of the most…

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PS4 Neo and Slim Expected To Be Announced September 7th

Sony have announced that they’ll be holding an event on the 7th of September, whilst details are still sketchy, it’s expected that the PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim will be announced. The timing would seem accurate, too. After all, this year’s E3 event was highlighted by Sony’s game announcements, and it was always going to be at a later date…

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10 Ways to Take Your PS4 Gaming Experience to the Next Level

The PS4 is undoubtedly the best 8th gen gaming console, providing the best and evolving experience. With that said, do you want to have the ultimate PS4 gaming experience? Here are 10 things you need to take your PS4 gaming setup to the next level. DualShock 4 Controllers If you just have one DualShock controller, you're missing out on a…

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5 Upcoming PS4 Exclusives That Look Incredible

When you're a proud PS4 owner, you're always on the hunt for the next awesome game. It's even better if the game is an exclusive title, one that you can boast about to your friends who chose the PS4's rival console. Here's our lineup of five upcoming PS4 exclusives that look incredible. Gran Turismo Sport On November 15, 2016, the…

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20 Upcoming PS4 Games I Can’t Wait To Play

Things are starting to get ever more exciting for PlayStation 4 gamers. With that said, here are 20 game releases, a mix of exclusives and multi-platform titles, that I'm already hyped to play. Let's begin. Horizon Zero Dawn Everything about this game looks amazing. The story looks like it’ll definitely draw players in, the robotic dinosaur enemies look terrifying and…

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