PS4 Mouse Guide

When it comes to using a mouse on your PS4, you have to pay careful attention to the fact that your favorite game might not support the use of a mouse. It’s important to keep in mind that a mouse can’t be used to navigate the menus of the PS4 (at this point, at least), but certain games can be controlled with a gaming mouse (Warhawk is a popular one). Because of this, this buyer’s guide is going to be a little bit different than the ones written in the past. Only four mice will be examined, and they won’t be arranged based on price, but on features. This is because we don’t expect you to go out and spend $100 on a mouse. If you are the type of person that must have the best of the best, though, the final slide of this buyer’s guide will give you info on the best mouse money can buy.


The Aesthetic Choice: E-3lue Cobra High Precision Gaming Mouse


Price: $8.99

Description: The black and blue aesthetic of the E-3lue Cobra matches the design of the PS4 perfectly, so if you’re trying to set your gaming area up to look as sleek as possible, this is your best bet. The mouse features four levels of DPI selection, increased durability when compared with other mice, and a micro switch for increased clicking speed.

Reviews: 51% of the 3,505 Amazon reviews are perfect, and the mouse has a 4 star rating overall. Positive reviewers love the value for the price, while a few negative reviews say that the wheel isn’t as responsive as it could be and the light on the mouse never turns off (unplug it to solve that problem).

Buy if You: Want a gaming mouse that looks cool and is relatively cheap. This one will last you quite a while for the price, and that’s never a bad thing.


The Customizable Choice: HAVIT® HV-MS672 Ergonomic LED Stress-ease Wired Mouse

HAVIT® HV-MS672 Ergonomic LED Stress-ease Wired Mouse

Price: $9.99

Description: Seven LED colors and 4 DPI settings set the HV-MS672 apart from the pack. This mouse comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty, six buttons, and an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. It looks cool, feels great, and gives you a lot of value for the price.

Reviews: An overall four star review on Amazon, with critics not liking the mouse because it stopped working after anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. The positive reviews (most of which are perfect), love the look and feel of the mouse and have no complaints when it comes to durability.

Buy if You: Want a mouse that you can personalize a little bit, both when it comes to sensitivity and aesthetics. This is fantastic product for the price.



The Reliable Choice: TeckNet Nano Cordless Optical Mouse M002 2.4 GHz

TeckNet Nano Cordless Optical Mouse M002 2.4 GHz

Price: $9.97

Description: A mouse that can give you 18 months of battery life off a single AA battery is a mouse that you can count on to last for a long time. This is a wireless mouse that doesn’t offer much by way of aesthetics but makes up for it in durability and longevity. This is the mouse you can buy for your PC and all of your consoles and get a lot of use out of. It can work up to 15m away so it’s perfect when paired with a reliable wireless keyboard.

Reviews: 4.5 stars after over 5,000 reviews really says something about a product. The only bad reviews talk about receiving a defective item, while all of the positive reviews praise the mouse for its battery life, responsiveness and durability.

Buy if You: Don’t care about form but are more concerned with function. This mouse will save you money by lasting seemingly forever, and if you take care of it then it will take care of you. A fantastic product.



The Top Tier: Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse


Price: $76.00

Description: If Batman used a gaming mouse, this would be it. Futuristic looking, incredibly responsive, customizable… this mouse blows all of the others out of the water- but you would expect it to, given its price-tag. The list of features for this mouse could take up a slide of their own… it can be calibrated to get the best performance on your specific mouse pad, you can adjust the balance and placement of weights inside, it features 11 programmable buttons, and you can manually adjust DPI on the fly.

Reviews: Not surprisingly, 72% of the reviews for the Logitech G502 are perfect (and there are over 1,500 reviews overall), while the 4% of the reviews that are only one star complain that the design of the mouse takes some getting used to. It is very different than all of the other mice on this list, that’s for sure.

Buy if You: Don’t mind spending $76 on a mouse that will have limited uses on the PS4. As more games come out that support mouse control, this may be a smarter choice, but if you own a PC or simply don’t care about cost, you can’t go wrong with this mouse.

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