Are you excited about Sony's next venture? Excited to be announced soon, the PlayStation 5 will move forwards from the success of PS4. In this area of the website you will find PS5 editorials, news and rumors. For further information visit PS5 Home.

2020 - A big Year for Gamers; Huge for PlayStation

2020 will be one of those unmissable years for gamers, it's when we'll witness the launch of the PS5. Excitement awaits. We've rumored for years, we even got the year correct. 2020 is when we'll see the official launch of the PS5. Here's why you should be excited, ready to read on? Let's begin. Released back in late 2013, the…

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PlayStation 5 Officially Announced By Sony, Launches Next Year

Looks like Microsoft’s Xbox Scarlett now officially has something to be scared of. In a blog post earlier today - and in an interview with Wired magazine - Sony officially outed the existence of the PlayStation 5. We now know its name - PS5 is official - and its release window. It’ll hit the market next year, “in time for…

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Great PS5 Concepts

Created by out sister site PS5 Home, these PS5 concepts give an idea at how Sony's next game console will appear. Enjoy!  

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What We Know About The PS5 And Why It Will Dominate 9th Generation Gaming

Time goes by so quickly, doesn’t it? Seems like only yesterday we were heralding the arrival of the PS4, with its sharp angles and clean lines, and waiting for some of the best games and exclusives of the generation to be announced. The truth is, though, that it’s almost been six years (six!) since the 8th generation of gaming graced…

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How The PS5 Could Define Next-Gen

As any gamer knows, the time when the most interesting games in a console’s lifespan are released is right at the end. In 2013, as the PlayStation 3 was winding down, gamers got to experience the harrowing masterpiece that was The Last of Us; the PS2’s final few years included Capcom’s excellent Okami and masterfully constructed RPG Final Fantasy XII;…

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Are We Edging Closer to a PS5 Announcement?

To not talk about a PlayStation 5 would be somewhat ridiculous. In fact, the majority of PS4 owners would find it hard to read that the PS4 would be Sony’s last console – that would never read well, right? Of course, many fans aren’t ready to hear about such news of a PS5 announcement, since they want to get their…

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Will Sony reveal the PS5 at E3 2017?

With just weeks until the Playstation Media Showcase at the E3 video game trade fair, expectations are high that Sony might use this event to give us a glimpse of the forthcoming PlayStation 5. From 13 to 15 June, several of the world’s biggest gaming brands like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. And…

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Will There be a PS5?

With the current generation of consoles in full swing, gamers are having a fantastic time with (primarily) their PlayStation 4s. As people tend to do in this industry, though, everyone is looking toward the future to see what's next. Sony is doing big things right now with PSVR, promising to bring the magic of virtual reality to the home console…

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Why A PS5 Might Be Cheaper and Here Sooner Than You Might Think

Perhaps you’re contemplating purchasing a brand spanking new PS4 but want to know what Sony has in store for the future?  Conversely, maybe you’re simply not sure which game box you’d like to purchase (or even if the rather elevated price tags of modern consoles are worth it)?  Fret not, because according to current industry rumors, we might actually be…

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