Are We Edging Closer to a PS5 Announcement?

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To not talk about a PlayStation 5 would be somewhat ridiculous. In fact, the majority of PS4 owners would find it hard to read that the PS4 would be Sony’s last console – that would never read well, right? Of course, many fans aren’t ready to hear about such news of a PS5 announcement, since they want to get their money’s worth from their PS4 – and this is more than understandable. However, given the fast pace of technology changes, it seems fair that we all contemplate a future announcement of a PS5 console. In this article with ponder over such a scenario. Let’s begin.

Every console has a start and end, that’s the nature of console gaming and technology – after all, memory cards were once the way in which game saves made logical sense – haven’t times changed? (yet I love that nostalgic memory). With the PS4 releasing back in 15 November 2013, the console has enjoyed amazing success since and we are now heading towards the 4th year of the PS4’s reign. What’s more, Sony has introduced virtual reality and the PS4 Pro console, both of which are sure to extend the console’s product cycle.

With talk around a global internet delivered by satellites, the concept is in place: you’ll one day connect to advancing technology, such as with Intel's recent introduction of their i9 processors, opposed to owning it. This might be hard to imagine, but it’s an idea that seems more than plausible. However, we aren’t there yet, and it doesn’t appear as though we’ll reach such a milestone within the timeframe of a new generation of consoles. What’s more, there could be issues with lag-response in regards to such satellite tech, since the connection has to translate between earth and a satellite in space – although, I’m sure this is an issue that will need to be resolved given the fact that gamers require a low-lag response.

The previous idea that PC gaming would someday conquer console gaming has proven to be nothing more than redundant. Clearly, PC gamers do have the luxury to keep ahead in terms of hardware performance, but even Steam hasn’t achieved the universal needs of a connected community. What do I mean by this, player one owns a high-end system, player two owns a budget system. immediately, player one has a strong advantage – thus, the competitive edge isn’t just down to the gamer’s capabilities, but also the system they are playing on. Of course, you could argue that the PS4 and the PS4 Pro also create an unfair advantage, although, it’s minute in the grand scheme of things and certainly isn’t comparable to the budget PC vs. powerhouse PC concept.

Sony’s success with the PlayStation 4 isn’t down to luck. They’ve attracted amazing attraction for a number of key reasons, and they will need to apply a similar strategy for a PS5 gaming console. Clearly, timing is key. They will need to monitor what the competition is considering. Consider it a chess move. Nintendo’s approach has already simplified Sony’s considerations. Microsoft’s Xbox One hasn’t enjoyed anywhere near the same success as the PS4 and the Xbox One X hasn’t resolved those issues too – some question whether Microsoft will venture into releasing another console in the future. This is such an area that Sony is sure to be interested in. After all, you’ll want to match and beat what a competitor has to deliver in various areas – including pricing, power, performance, games and more.

What’s more, there are other big players who are capable of entering the video game market, namely, Google. If rumors are to be believed, Project Yeti appears to be Google’s answer to the very idea of internet-accessed games. The cloud idea. Surely, this is the biggest threat to Sony, partly because it’s an unknown future market. Thus, should Sony hang back and attempt to delve into a Netflix styled concept, from where hardware isn’t the dictator, but the platform is. It’s possible. I still believe the universal aspect is a real attraction for console gamers and connecting to a platform would mean the hardware could probably be selected by the user; creating an unfair advantage. I feel as though you could imagine it like this; there’s a racing track, all start from the same point, but one has a Nissan Micra, and the other, a Ferrari – clearly, there’s only one winner (unless the driver is drunk – turtle and the hare concept).

Sony will currently be investigating a variety of options whilst also monitoring the competition. Since Nintendo’s bold move is now behind us, things are just a little clearer. Microsoft’s attempts also deliver a statement – one that can feed Sony’s future ideas.

What are your thoughts on a PlayStation 5? Do you have a feature wish-list? Be sure to drop your comments below.

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