Playstation Store Not Loading? Beat ‘Please Wait…’ by Initialising Your Console

If you’ve ever had a problem with your PlayStation Store not loading, then you’ll know just how downright annoying it is. You’ll know how disappointing it can feel to have your gaming time cut into by something that really shouldn’t be cutting into it. You’ll also know how infuriating it can be to see ‘Please wait…’ linger on your screen for longer than it needs to.

Those two dreaded words are the most common bane of the average PlayStation Store user’s life. When they appear on screen and linger there just a little bit too long, you know something’s not right. Now it’s time to wait no more. Now it’s time to banish those lingering and persistent words for good. When you finally decide enough is enough and you’re done waiting, set yourself the task of initialising your PS4 and wiping it clean. Yes, this might sound drastic, but it could be the only chance you have of fixing your PlayStation Store issue and ridding ‘Please wait…’ from your gaming life once and for all.

Want to find out how to initialise your PS4 console in order to save your PlayStation Store? Well, make sure to take a look at the step-by-step points below then!

  1. First of all, before you do ANYTHING, make sure you backup all of the important files stored on your console. Whether this means copying them to a network or onto a USB, do it!
  1. Once your files are backed-up, turn off your PS4; once it’s turned off, hold the power button down until you hear the second beep, which should take around seven seconds, in order to restart your console in safe mode.
  1. Once turned on in safe mode, and once you’ve reconnected your controller, you will come to a list where you will be faced with seven options. You must pick option six, Initialise PS4. It’s vital that you do! And it’s vital that you double check you’ve backed-up your file at this point, too, because once you choose this option there will be no going back and your data WILL be lost.
  1. Start the initialising process, which will not take more than a few minutes, and set your system back up once your PS4 has reloaded.
  1. You must then head to Settings, and then to PlayStation™Network/Account Management, in order to sign back into your PSN.
  1. From there on, you should be free to click on your PlayStation Store app without having to be told to ‘Please wait…’

Remember this: you’re not alone in your PlayStation Store plight. Thousands of PS4 users around the world suffer with having to ‘Please wait…’ as they are locked out of their Store indefinitely — just check most online gaming boards and you’ll soon realise that. Remember this also: you can fix it. You can fix your PlayStation Store, whether its problem is that it is getting stuck when loading or that it is just not loading at all. You can reclaim the gaming time that you deserve. Just make sure to take heed of the advice above in order to do so!

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