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For avid Golf fans and gamers interested in sports games, it can be extremely difficult to find a Golf game that retains play value. So when a game like The Golf Club 2 rolls around, it’s hard not to be impressed. From the excellent, complex and varied mechanics that comprise golfing on the green, to the new career mode and online societies, there’s plenty to keep you motivated and playing the game long after the initial novelty wears off.

When it comes to the fundamental mechanics, the game plays brilliantly. In order to have any long-term success, you need to take your time to get the perfect shot. The new temp swing system forces you to swing with a rhythm, with different speeds needed for different clubs, ranging from pro to tour club sets each with their own advantages and disadvantages. As you go along you’ll gain more familiarity with the kit, and if your particularly cautious, you can even take a few practice swings before committing to the shot.

For casual gamers starting out on the game these variables may seem daunting but with a little bit of work, even the most novice gamers will start to analyze which shots to take with which clubs, down to the swing of the club and the effect the ground slope will have on the aim. For those really having trouble getting to grips with the intricacies of the game, there is the possibility to make use of the games many tutorials to help you get to grips with the more advanced elements of the game. For both new players and veterans of the first title, The Golf Club 2 does a great job of providing a realistic and immersive golfing experience.

Every tournament you play will be saturated with the intensity of a real life competition, with crowds reacting to your every shot. Good performances will be met with cheers and off days with exhales of disbelief and disgruntled groans. All the while your journey will be accompanied by the commentary of John McCarthy stray the line between calling the game and casually berating you for poor performance! The addition of crowd reactions and quality commentary really brings a touch of character to the game that makes you feel like you’re involved in an organic spectator sport.

For those that want to step off the green, the Career mode and online society clubhouse have just enough to keep you ticking over. You’ll be able to create your own seasons where you’ll handpick the courses you play and how many rounds you play them for. With regards to the online society clubhouse, as you earn more points and currency throughout the game, you’ll be able to buy bigger, more extravagant club houses to reside in. You acquire currency by meeting course challenges and accumulating tour winnings. Though it’s nice to have this as a feature, it’s hardly enough for long-term play. There’s little incentive to keep upgrading your clubhouses beyond basic achievement hunting and hosting tournaments. If you level up your society to level 10, you can play more events against harder A.I. but its going to take a lot more than that to keep playing long term.

Overall The Golf Club 2 is a solid Golfing title for beginners and experienced players but it’s unlikely to hold its novelty for more than a few months. Initially, beginners may find themselves scratching their heads at botched shots and hilarious inaccuracy but with a little persistence, and the help of the onboard tutorial, they’ll get into the swing of things. The difficulty of the game means that you feel that much better when your shot is on point. It’s fair to say that The Golf Club 2 could have more in the way of additional features, but that’s not the games purpose. The Golf Club 2 was intended to bring you a complete golfing experience, and in this area, it thrives.

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