Detroit: Become Human Won’t Just Be a Game – It Delivers an Important Scenario and Message

The Best Game To Play For The Human Race

Those wanting to get their hands-on Detroit Become Human don’t have long to wait – it releases on the 25th of May. It is also one such title that only PS4 owners will be able to enjoy since it is an exclusive – thanks Sony, without you, the gaming community would be stuttering. With that said, this article takes an interesting twist, looking at why this game could be a vision into our future. Let’s continue.

Robots, we could all dream about what will be possible in the near future; they’ll enable many new elements to the world we live. They’ll probably be your personal butler and care assistant, they will probably also do the jobs that we humans hate. Poor robots, us humans seem to already have their future mapped out.

Let’s now pull in Detroit Become Human and connect it with the upcoming future scenario – after all, you would actually be very naive to think that we aren’t heading in this direction. Take one look at Alexa, Amazon’s device that allows you to speak whilst waiting for a reply – yes, it is far from perfect, but it’s a stepping stone towards a future from where life will ultimately be dramatically different. How about Tesla and self-driving cars? We are already witnessing this testing phase of self-driving cars.

Detroit Become Human is set to help reinforce question asking surrounding this incoming technology. For example, the game is ready to provide a scenario from where robots are advanced to the point that they are human-like – heavily involved in people’s lives. However, the robots, also known as Androids, become smart enough to realize that they are nothing more than a servant of their god; humans. Thus, the retaliation begins.

I actually believe that PS4 gamers are in for a treat when it comes to Detroit: Become Human. We’ve had movies that attempt to depict our local robotic future, but a game? Not really. Not only is the game’s scenario and topic ultra-interesting, but it will enable you to see, in real-time, just how a robots vs humans battle might happen.

You might be sitting reading this and think, well this is all here-say. Ifs, buts, possible, maybes, etc. However, it would be wrong to dispute the views of Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking – both of which make chilling predictions; humans will be challenged by robotic retaliation.

Where’s the Proof?

Would a robot really want to challenge the creator of its very existence? The answer appears to be, yes – and this isn’t just based on speculation and assumption. Sophia, an android, also an official citizen of Saudi Arabi, has a very haunting attitude that is somewhat worrying. Sophia, when asked, said she would ‘destroy humans,’ when prompted by its creator, David Hanson.

What’s more worrying is that robots and psychopaths have something in common; zero empathy.

Some are suggesting that the advancement of robots is too dangerous, and the advanced development should be made illegal. After all, which is more dangerous – Creating a technological psychopath, or a nuclear weapon? It’s actually a great question, and one that might be easy to answer after playing Detroit Become Human. Robots will enhance many lives, in my opinion, they will probably be responsible for changing how an economy functions too. But let’s not miss a beat, Detroit Becomes Human is a game that could, and should, generate questions surrounding the progression towards a technological workforce.

A must play game for humans.

For me, Detroit Become Human does an amazing job at considering what could happen in the future. I’d love to discuss this subject more, and probably will – we all should. The comment box is below, be sure and unafraid to leave your opinions surrounding this game and topic.

James Allsopp

Jay is the Founder / Admin and Editor in Chief here at PS4 Home. Jay is dedicated to gaming, blogging & web enterprise. If you like the effort I have put in to this site and the content, then feel free to see my Amazon wishlist. Highly appreciated.

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