2020 – A big Year for Gamers; Huge for PlayStation

PS5 is expected to become the world's next best console.

2020 will be one of those unmissable years for gamers, it’s when we’ll witness the launch of the PS5. Excitement awaits. We’ve rumored for years, we even got the year correct. 2020 is when we’ll see the official launch of the PS5. Here’s why you should be excited, ready to read on? Let’s begin.

Released back in late 2013, the PS4 was on a mission to become a best-selling console, designed for players. Did it succeed? Yes. Sony wanted to deliver a console that was powerful, affordable and had the best exclusive titles – what a winner that turned out to be. What’s more, many threw doubts over the longevity (cloud gaming back in 2013 was regarded as an incoming challenge to major consoles), yet here we are in 2020 with Google Stadia attempting that very idea.

The future was cloud gaming; 2020 will suggest it isn’t

Tech experts alike have pondered the idea (we explored the ideas too); after all, we can stream movies, could we stream games? It’s the imagination of the cloud, and it’s possibilities. Google has floated this idea with the fresh launch of Google Stadia, however, it’s had a turbulent take-off and we do wonder where the platform will head. Google’s social media attempt ended in a nose-dive (Google +), resulting in a closure; failure. Could the same happen to Stadia? It’s possible on on the cards.

Competition: XBOX delivers confusion

Admittedly, once a heavy hitter within the console world, back in the days of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has confused gamers with the name of their next-gen console. Supposedly named the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has also announced that it will be simply named the Xbox. Complete confusion is instantly greeting the console; it’s a terrible start for XBOX fans.

PS4 Gamers, next-gen excitement awaits.

The PlayStation 5, arriving late in 2020, just in-time for Christmas, will be ready to deliver on-the-spot gaming. Are you ready? Here’s a few important reads about the PS5:

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