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Entering 2020

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering where 2019 went and how you’re closing in on yet another year older. It seems as though we were just celebrating New Years 2018 and now the time has come, once again. This year has had its moments and we’ve been surprised by a few special game titles that are worth reminiscing over. 

Should you haven’t gotten the chance yet, we’d definitely recommend trying them out for yourself. 

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series – The Final Season: Episode 3 – Broken Toys

If you’ve been following this series, then you’d know how easy it was to fall in love with the angelic face and steely nature of Clem on her dark and perilous journey through a post-apocalyptic world. This episode didn’t come without its controversy though as following developer Telltale Games closure and a class-action lawsuit from former employees, it was up in the air whether or not the entire title would even be finished. 

Thanks to Skybound Games, Episode 3 was indeed released. ‘Broken Toys’, of course, follows up to the events from Episode 2 and mind you, this isn’t a stand-alone title. To give a brief summary without making any spoilers, several children from the Boarding School have been taken hostage by Lilly and as to be expected, Clem swoops in to save the day. But is it really all smiles and roses? Probably not. 

If you want to get into the series, it’s never too late. Check it out here.

Resident Evil 2 Remake 

As a huge fan of Resident Evil, especially Biohazard, I was hyped for the remake to be launched this year. In honesty, remakes can be hit or miss and after being ranked 10/10, we’re definitely leaning towards a hit. We aren’t joking, the graphics are obviously a massive upgrade and like the original, the plot is superb. 

To explain in lesser words, almost as a hint to future events, the whole game is started by botched experiments run by the infamous ‘Umbrella Corporation’. Resulting from leaked ‘t-virus’, a zombie outbreak occurs and our beloved characters Leon and Claire fight their way through hordes with the original intent of locating her brother. Things happen (we don’t spoil anything), and of course, your journey takes many unexpected turns along the way. 

I know that this completely piqued your interest, so get your copy of the game here

Far Cry: New Dawn

Now, this is a 2019 release we’re putting more on the ‘miss’ spectrum. While there are definitely Far Cry true devotees, New Dawn has had its fair share of harsh critics and even though the game has its charms, they seemed to have missed the mark on this one in terms of the storyline. 

If you played Far Cry 5 and are a fan, you’d be happy to know that New Dawn is a pretty accurate sequel and you’ll find a few of 5’s supporting characters along with our favourite Joseph Seed. Yes, you read right. The controversial character from 5 makes his debut in fantastic style, adding a level of insanity to the game that I honestly didn’t hate. 

It really isn’t that different than other titles before it, with a similar interface, graphics, and gameplay, it’s pretty much a repeat experience to the game before it. If you’d like to play it for yourself, get it here

Metro Exodus

Some called this title underrated, we’d have to agree with them. Set in war-ravaged Moscow, Russia, Metro Exodus expertly weaves a tale of nuclear survival combining gritty realism with an underlying layer of hope, something rather uncommon in post-apocalyptic scenarios. Sure, there are some let downs, the redeeming factors far outweigh. 

It can be mildly monotonous, however, with stunning graphics and an arguably gripping storyline, you might find yourself mildly addicted (like me). Compared to other more linear titles in the Metro series, Exodus offers more diverse gameplay allowing for exploration off the beaten path. As the open-world concept is something I love in games, this was refreshing and unexpected. 

If you enjoy apocalyptic tales, you can get your own copy of the game here

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

I fell in love with this game, surprisingly. Gruesomely violent, mildly historic and truly captivating, Shadows Die Twice is a thrilling tale set in Sengoku period Japan following the journey of Wolf, a shinobi bodyguard. To sum it up, it’s beautiful and frustrating, but the fighting gameplay is something so complex it’s hard to put into words. 

I’ll admit, I’m not the most coordinated person and honestly, I found some of the gameplay very difficult. You will find that even with the most experience, some enemies will kill you and very quickly. You need to be on your A-game, and sometimes that won’t be enough, though you’ll have some help along the way. 

It’s a great game if you’re looking for something new to play in the release break period so see what all the hype was about here


Of course, there are many other titles released in 2019 like Days Gone, Warhammer: Chaosbane, Wolfenstein Youngblood and Devil May Cry 5 that are worth mentioning, but in the spirit of not writing a book, we’ve kept it to a short glimpse of the highlights from PS4 Gaming this year. 

From the looks of it, 2020 will be pretty awesome in terms of releases so we can’t wait to see (and play) all the glorious titles that will be coming out. 

What games from 2019 were your favourite?

Hannah Smith

Hannah Smith is a full-time gamer, foodie and Creative Writer. Spending the majority of her time sniping in the new CoD gunfight mode or wondering how the other team has more level three heroes in Dota Underlords, she's writing stories/articles and other fun things while usually getting distracted by gaming videos on Youtube.

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