Will Sony reveal the PS5 at E3 2017?

With just weeks until the Playstation Media Showcase at the E3 video game trade fair, expectations are high that Sony might use this event to give us a glimpse of the forthcoming PlayStation 5.

From 13 to 15 June, several of the world’s biggest gaming brands like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo will be at the Los Angeles Convention Centre. And with an expected 20,000 avid gamers, journalists and industry figures in attendance, it’s hoped that Sony will give them something to talk about.

Last year, Sony used the event to show off big gaming titles like God of War, Spider-Man and Horizon Zero Dawn. And with many VR games like Farpoint and Batman: Arkham VR also making a massive impression, Sony will be keen to make another big splash in 2017.


This is especially so as it’s thought that Microsoft will use E3 2017 to give the public a glimpse of their forthcoming Xbox Project Scorpio console. And so it could give Sony the chance to steal the thunder from their fierce rivals by announcing further details about the hugely anticipated PlayStation 5.

So far there aren’t any solid details about what we can expect from the PS5. It’ll be expected to advance upon the PS4 Pro by actually offering a true 4K gaming experience, but will still be compatible with PS4 games whilst offering a faster CPU, a more powerful processor, and much more memory.

This is at odds with the hugely popular Nintendo Switch that was released earlier this year that seemed to place more emphasis on convenience rather than processor power. And so it will be intriguing to see how Sony will attempt to beat the Project Scorpio’s impressive specs whilst making it suitable for indie games developers.

The indie gaming revolution has given us many titles that seem to favour more retro-styled graphics. And some of the biggest gaming success stories like Minecraft and even classic roulette games at LadyLucks relying on simpler graphics and interesting multiplayer options, it’s clear that Sony face a task in making sure that they deliver the best console gaming experience whilst not alienating the growing trend of casual gamers.

Although the Sony PlayStation 5 isn’t expected to be released until at least 2018, it’s widely believed that they will use one of the big gaming conventions of 2017 to show off the new console.

And with Sony executives being tight-lipped about the details, it’s as tricky as a game of roulette to guess whether it will be at E3, Gamescom or even December’s PlayStation Experience when they’ll reveal more about the fascinating Sony PlayStation 5.

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