Why Isn’t There a Game of Thrones Console Game That Does the Series Justice?

Game of Thrones fans were recently bursting with excitement at the prospect of there being an epic open world Westeros-based game for next-generation consoles. Reports were circulating that Bethesda, the developers best known for creating Skyrim in the Elder Scrolls saga, had been approached at developing the title, but those rumours have since been shut down. This is disappointing, but that doesn’t mean to say that another developer won’t take on the massive and potentially lucrative project at some point in the future. With season 7 of the HBO series once again breaking viewing records, it certainly wouldn’t be surprising to see more spinoff games.

To say that GOT is watched live by an average of 12.1 million viewers per episode, it’s quite remarkable that there have been so few offerings for gamers up to this point. For PlayStation owners, there has only been Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, which was met with somewhat of a mixed reception. It received a score of 64% on Metacritic, and was criticised for having an insignificant plot in which players’ decisions rarely mattered. It also threw players directly into the action at a point in the timeline just after the “Red Wedding” episode of the TV show. Without prior knowledge of the series and what had occurred before this, newcomers would have been lost and wondering what was going on.

Although it was interesting to see George RR. Martin’s universe from a completely new and unique perspective, the Telltale game just didn’t cut it for a lot of die-hard fans. A spinoff game which has been met with a much better reception, though, is the Game of Thrones slot from online casino software giants Microgaming. The game is available to play at numerous sites including Mr Green, where it is also one of the options in their mobile casino. Playing Mr Green slots on mobile is just as easy as playing at the desktop site, and players can use the same login details. The GOT slot features the iconic title music from the series, along with the sigils of all the great houses of Westeros as symbols on the reels. It has swiftly become one of the most popular offerings from Microgaming, thanks to the huge audience figures of the TV series. But despite the iGaming offering being enjoyable and well-liked, it is not available to play on the PS4. PlayStation owners must make do with the narrative-driven option from Telltale Games.

Other developers should see that there is a massive gap in the market here, and that there is potential for a huge open world title set in the GOT universe. They should jump on the opportunity to create this game, which would doubtlessly be an immense success. Bethesda seemed like the perfect developers for the job, but there are other options. CD Projekt Red, the creators of the amazingly well-received Witcher games, have proven that they are the masters of sprawling fantasy adventures. If they picked it up then gamers and GOT fans alike would certainly be in for a treat.

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