PS4 Steering Wheels Guide

A lot of drivers get that sudden urge to slam their foot to the floor, send smoke flying and tear off through traffic, leaving the slow-paced world behind as they race toward the sunset. Unfortunately, that’s not really possible for most people… so racing games are the next best thing. Racing games let you live out your speed-demon fantasies in a safe (and totally legal) way.

In order to take your virtual racing experience to the next level, you may want to invest in a PS4 steering wheel. While there aren’t a ton of options out there for you choose from, there are definitely some stellar products that can help you get your gaming experience as close to the real thing as possible. This is the list of the top four products in four different price ranges, whether you’re a budget shopper or you simply must have the best of the best.

The Budget Choice: TNP PS4 Gaming Racing Steering Wheel – Gamepad Joypad Grip Controller

TNP PS4 Gaming Racing Steering Wheel - Gamepad Joypad Grip ControllerPrice: $12.95

Description: Taking advantage of the gyroscope inside of the DualShock 4, this peripheral simply attaches to your controller and gives you the feel of a steering wheel without any of the force feedback or fancy gas pedals that come with the other options on this list. It’s both lightweight and durable, and it’s definitely worth the cheap price tag. Of course, not every racing game supports motion steering, so check the back of your game’s box before deciding that this is the peripheral for you.

Buy if You: Want a fun peripheral without having to spend a ton of money. This is perfect for kids and if your favorite racing game features motion steering, you’ll appreciate the comfort that this gives you.


The Inexpensive Choice: HORI Racing Wheel 4 for PlayStation 3 and 4

HORI Racing Wheel 4 for PlayStation 3 and 4Price: $75.88

Description: $75 is the least you’re going to be able to pay if you want to get a steering wheel that offers a little more than adding to the feel of your DualShock 4’s gyroscope capabilities. The HORI Racing Wheel 4 features both a wheel and pedals (gas and brake), vibration feedback, paddle shifters, programmable buttons, and a rubberized grip for total control. The pedals have been improved since the last version of the wheel, but you’re still getting what you pay for- this wheel won’t offer the same responsiveness and feel as those higher up on the list.

Buy if You: Want a cheap peripheral that gives you all the basic advantages of a steering wheel but doesn’t cost too much.

The Average Option: Thrustmaster T80 RS PS4/PS3 Officially Licensed Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster T80 RS PS4PS3 Officially Licensed Racing WheelPrice: $99.98

Description: For $15 dollars more, this wheel is a little bit easier to set up and a little bigger and more comfortable to use. There’s adjustable wheel sensitivity, linear resistance and auto-centering, a wide clamping system to be attached to desks and tables of all sizes, rubberized grips and paddle shifters, and 11 buttons plus a D-pad for easy menu navigation. The $100 price tag is justifiable if you want a solid wheel that will last you for a little while, but it certainly won’t get you all of the advantages as the next item on the list.

Buy if You: Play racing games casually and want to enhance the experience but not shell out hundreds of dollars on a top-tier wheel.

Link to Thrustmaster T80 RS Amazon Page


 The Expensive Option: Thrustmaster VG T300RS Officially Licensed PS4/PS3 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Thrustmaster VG T300RS Officially Licensed PS4PS3 Force Feedback Racing Wheel

Price: $399.00

Description: The top of the line when it comes to racing wheels for the PS4, this peripheral was specifically designed for use with the console. It’s automatically recognized when you plug it in, features all of the official PS4 buttons (Share, Options, etc.), is compatible with all different types of mounts, and is officially licensed as a PS4 high-end racing simulator. The wheel has as 1080 degree force feedback base which features an industrial-class brushless motor and a detachable racing GT style wheel. This is the cream of the crop and will certainly enhance your racing experience from here on out.

Buy if You: Want nothing but the best. You have to feel the force feedback to believe how responsive it is, and you certainly won’t regret the purchase. If your wheel does have problems, you will simply have to deal with customer service in order to get a replacement.

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