3 Million Players Have Enlisted in Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder

[Press Release] War Thunder will be coming to PS4 this holiday. Developer and publisher Gaijin Entertainment announced that more than three million players worldwide have played the F2P military MMO game War Thunder. Currently in open beta, War Thunder has experienced player growth of more than 200 percent since its March 5, 2013 announcement that its one millionth user had played the game.

Since War Thunder’s open beta program kicked off on January 28, 2013 more than 1,000,000,000 units have been destroyed during the more than 600,000,000 million sorties (deployments) that have launched, logging more than 30,000,000 hours of air time which amounts to 3,500 years.

Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder
“To go from our original beta testers to three million players in just a handful of months is a rich testament to our development team and their dedication to improving the War Thunder experience,” said Anton Yudintsev, CEO, Gaijin Entertainment. “Not only is it a testament to our development team, but is also a great responsibility and one we will not take lightly. We have dedicated ourselves to continue to support our existing War Thunder fans base by providing ongoing updates to the game and its community features. We will also continue to expand War Thunder’s gameplay by adding ground forces. We want to thank all of our players and we will continue our ongoing dialogue with our community members to ensure that we provide and improve the features they find most important.”

War Thunder is currently in open beta, giving gamers a unique opportunity to take part in the project. In addition, War Thunder is under development for the PlayStation®4, and mobile iOS and Android devices. Anyone who wants to try out War Thunder‘s exciting and realistic WWII combat for themselves needs only to register and start playing via PC. Download War Thunder which is in Open Beta for free from the official website and join in a heated battle to dominate the skies: http://warthunder.com/en/registration

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