4 Games That Capture Real-life Locations Well

Many games are set in a fantasy world and aren’t actually based on a real world location or setting. The power of 8th gen gaming, namely the PS4, has allowed developers to already create some amazing things, and here I take a look at 4 games which are playable on the PS4, that resemble very realistic real-life locations…




This one is a no-brainer… and If you’ve never been to Los Angeles, then you’ll find that Grand Theft Auto V offers a very close example of what it’s actually like. It’s not just the amount of detail involved which is amazing, it’s the actual size of the map, too. Whilst some say that GTA V looks better than it’s real-life location, it shows why sunny LA is a popular travel highlight for many tourists. It all looks so beautiful, that’s until you unleash the mayhem that the gameplay invites.


Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture


I can’t think of a game that was specifically located within an English village, however, Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture does just that. The idyllic Shropshire based location pulls you in and offers a true realistic vision of a classic English village – something you won’t be familiar with unless you live within the UK. This upcoming game will be all about exploring and puzzle solving, but it’s the location which helps make this game so iconic. After all, you can almost smell the freshly cut grass and hear the birds tweeting, right?


Rory McIlroy PGA TourPGA-Tour-Compare

EA have generally provided a realistic view with some of the world’s most famous golf courses. Rory McIlroy PGA Tour will be the first of the series to land on PS4, and the screenshots show some impressive examples of realism. Because golf is a slow paced sport, you get to experience the environments in great detail, something which you can’t do in many other fast-paced genres. Of course, the fantasy courses will detract from the realistic feel, but for the other courses, it should feel and look similar to the real thing.




Whilst most of the action takes place on the pitch, EA have done a wonderful job of perfecting the grounds that they have included within their catalogue. After all, 8th gen has allowed EA to focus more energy on things other than just the players. FIFA 16 is expected to edge even closer to the real thing when it comes to stadiums, with an increased amount added to the roster along with improved graphics.

These 4 titles show that reality and games aren’t that far apart when it comes to detail. With Sony’s VR headset fastly approaching, expect many future games to focus more closely on real-life areas. After all, wouldn’t it be great to tour some of the world’s most amazing locations and be within a fully interactive game arena?

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