The 5 Most Competitive Games on PS4

With last year’s announcement that MLG was going to focus primarily on the PS4 for their competitive console tournaments, many PlayStation 4 owners are wondering how they can get involved with the competitive scene. While consoles have never been as popular as PCs when it comes to competitive play, there are still quite a few titles out for the PS4 where competition is taken very seriously… and you can even win money by playing! The most competitive games are listed below in no particular order.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3

Call of Duty Black Ops 3

Outside of Halo, the CoD franchise has always been the biggest deal in the competitive console world. Search and Destroy is the most popular mode for high level play due to its focus on strategy and teamwork (and its punishing no-respawn rule). Black Ops 3 is one of the most popular competitive CoD offerings in a long time, though the upcoming Modern Warfare re-release is likely to change that.

Rocket League

Rocket League3

This game is immediately fun to play but incredibly hard to master, and when watching some of the top-level pros go at it, you’ll be blown away by just how insanely good they are at it. It seems that these players have decades of experience, when in reality, Rocket League hasn’t even been out that long! Don’t get discouraged, though- with practice, you too can pull off daring mid-air saves and last-second goals from across the field… just don’t expect the competition to be anything less than fierce at the top.


fifa 16
has always been an incredibly popular franchise when it comes to competitive play in the sports genre. There are a few reasons for this- first, soccer (or football) is easily the favored sport of most of the world, whereas American football and basketball are primarily loved only by Americans. Second, FIFA takes a lot of skill in a variety of different areas- it’s both strategic and twitch-based, requiring you to be quick with the controller but also have a sharp mind to set up your plays and stop your opponent from setting up theirs.



Developed by Blizzard, Overwatch was definitely made with competition in mind. Every match in this game is centered around overall strategy and on-the-fly tactics, and having a quick trigger finger doesn’t hurt either. Having so many characters and loadouts to choose from gives teams plenty of room to try out different combinations, and high level play is sure to be a thrill to watch. Since Overwatch is so new, there’s no better game to start practicing in order to make it to the big leagues… well, except for maybe one:


MOBAs are all the rage these days in the competitive PC gaming world, and the PS4 has finally got its own… sort of. Battleborn is half League of Legends and half Borderlands, and the result is an insanely competitive experience with more layers than an onion. Much like Overwatch, this game was designed for competitive play, and with Battleborn also being so new, the time is now to start looking for a team and developing strats. Happy competing!

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