An Improved Project Morpheus And What It Could Mean for the PS4

Sony is shaping to be a frontrunner in revolutionizing console gaming. With its initial announcement in 2014, many were skeptical about Sony having another go at creating virtual reality gaming experience. However, E3 2015 has many people believe that Sony may have the future of console gaming. Sony has made many strides to recover from the Glasstron, a virtual reality device that Sony produced in 1997. However, with Project Morpheus a year before launch, Sony is showing that they are serious contenders in making the Playstation 4 “the best place to play.”

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Often compared to the Oculus Rift, Project Morpheus is the first virtual reality hardware that works exclusively with a console. Project Morpheus offers uncharted territory as developers can create worlds and games that have never been experienced before. During Sony’s 2015 E3 press conference, it was clear that the company had high hopes for the future of this technology. “Developers are quickly moving from the drawing board to create 360-degree experiences that truly immerse the player,” Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House said. “But we haven’t even scratched the surface.”

Immersion is the key word. Many of the Project Morpheus demos focus on the possibilities that this new technology can bring to Playstation 4 games. One peculiar demo included attaching Project Morpheus to a stationary bike for a horse riding game. Another game, “The London Heist,” introduces the player as an English gangster who suddenly gets caught up in a gunfight. With Project Morpheus, players are immersed in a world where they are ducking behind desks and firing at enemies as if they were actually in the underbelly of London. Though the star of all the Project Morpheus demos was definitely Rigs: MCL. The game offers the possibility of what electronic sports can be. The game pins two teams of three competing in a robotic brawl that is reminiscent of “Titan Fall.”

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Oculus Rift and Microsoft’s Hololens are also getting major backing to create virtual reality experiences and it begs the question how Project Morpheus is different. What Sony has made clear is that Project Morpheus is made with gamer in mind. Sony’s focus on comfort is one of the many ways Sony is proving that they are one of the best gaming companies in the world. Unlike other upcoming virtual reality devices, Sony has taken the time to make Project Morpheus as easy and user friendly as possible. This improvement differs greatly with its earlier model, which had gamers feel less like playing with Project Morpheus was more clunky than fun. Project Morpheus has been improved their device to be sleek, lightweight, and gamers with glasses can relax as Project Morpheus offers enough cushion in the headset to accommodate any sort of eyewear.

Project Morpheus will be released in 2016. Sony also has commented that it will be priced fair, which is not surprising considering Sony has a history of making their systems and games reasonably priced. Whether or not Project Morpheus is the next generation of gaming is up in the air. However, what is clear is that Project Morpheus has given many gamers hope in the future of virtual reality gaming.

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