ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny Review – A Hybrid Online Arena Game

What do you get when a studio puts card enthusiasts and strategy game players in the same room? ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny—Exclusively on PlayStation 4. Winner of the Wargaming Labs Dev Contest, studio Rock Nano Global, set out to combine the best of their favorite games and created something completely new. This hybrid of RTS, MOBA, and deckbuilding elements set against the backdrop of a beautiful fantasy world makes for unique, fast, and fun competitive gaming.

With Arma Gallant: Decks of Destiny you go to battle armed with a variety of offensive and spell cards. Offensive cards like the Hydra, Treant and Shaman summon units to be moved about the map to attack or fortify. The Meteor, Blizzard and Sanctuary spell cards provide effects like causing damage to an area, to moving units, or providing an area safe from attack. Additional cards are unlocked by playing matches or you can turn over the gold earned by fighting and completing challenges to open card packs.

It takes more than the right deck to win though. Unlike many card games, everything happens in real time, giving those able to plan ahead an advantage. Each card requires a certain number of mana points, replenished over time to ‘cast’ it. Also, moving a unit from your spawn point takes time with flying and ground units moving at different rates. Rather than focus on each individual your job is to manage an army by summoning and directing units to attack the invading enemy or fortify certain points on the map while casting other helpful cards.

Colorful maps filled with Monoliths, Vision Points and Crystals will have you trekking through overgrown forests and uncovering ancient mysteries. Each map is designed with strategy in mind but is flexible enough to allow differing techniques to prevail. By capturing and holding Monoliths you deal constant low damage to your opponent’s team health, capturing a crystal provides a large one time hit. While Vision Points allow the controlling team a view of all Crystals. Rare and timed relics also make random appearances during a match and can quickly turn the tide of battle.

At its core ArmaGallant: Decks of Destiny is about amassing the best cards to craft the perfect deck and pummeling your opponents. There is much more on offer though. Like any good MOBA you are able to go head to head in a 1v1 match or team up with a friend for some 2v2 action. Compete in open online matches or keep your battles between you and your closest friends with private matches. RTS fans will appreciate the fast paced matches while card lovers enjoy completing the perfect deck. By bringing these game genres together Rock Nano Global has given us a unique new online competitive game.

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