Matthew Parker

Matthew Parker

A lover of all things gaming, Matt is a programmer by day and a writer by night. Also big into sports, he professes to having no skill at any of them and instead mostly watches them being played.

Let it Die Punishes Your Wallet Instead Of Wasting Your Time

Let it Die – what it is. I’ve got to be honest that there just hasn’t been a free-to-play game on the PS4 that’s managed to hold my attention. This has changed recently thanks to the launch of Let it Die – a free to play rogue-like dungeon crawler from Grasshopper studios and Suda 51 (the guy behind No More…

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PS VR – Support Won’t be an Issue

The Playstation VR has only just launched and it’s fair to say that it’s going quite well so far. Reviews of the hardware are largely positive, it’s easily the most financially viable option when it comes to VR for most of us and it’s got a good selection of launch titles behind it. So what’s the problem? Well, the main…

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Best PS4 Games

The 10 Best PS4 Horror Games

Horror games have had a real boost in popularity lately. Perhaps it’s thanks to the 1,000’s of YouTube videos of people being scared whilst playing something, perhaps it’s just because we’re lucky to have plenty of options when it comes to quality horror games. The PS4, in particular, has got more than its fair share of horror titles to choose…

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