Awesome PS4 Accessories You Should Consider Getting

Even though the PlayStation 4 is without a doubt one of the most powerful and fully-featured consoles to ever be released (up to this point), you are still probably going to need to add some peripheral devices to it.  Some add-ons will enhance your overall relationship with the console; while others might actually alter the way you play and approach playing games entirely.  Perhaps you just like to “trick out” your consoles, see just how far you can take things in order to create the ultimate gaming environment?  Whatever the reason, the PS4 already has a number of accessories available for it (both OEM and Non-OEM) in nearly every specific category you can think of.  Here are some of the more “awesome” examples…

For starters, there’s the news that the PS4 will allow game capturing devices to interface directly with it via HDMI.  Naturally, this is perhaps going to be one of the more popular / useful tools which new PS4 owners will want to get their hands on.  For example, if you currently run your own “Let’s Play” gaming channel (or plan on starting one) a video capture device can greatly simplify the entire process of uploading videos for the web.  Currently, the word is that video capture might not be fully supported at launch, but since we’re talking about simply snagging the output via HDMI, it seems like this wouldn’t be a problem.  While it’s true that you can go out and find a new 3rd party capture card, you can also use existing devices like those made by Elgato and Hauppauge.


There are also some very interesting accessories being prepped for the PS4 controller itself.  For instance, Sony Computer Entertainment is rolling out a charging station which can charge 2 controllers simultaneously in addition to a vertical stand for your DualShock 4’s.  The stand also features a clip which essentially allows you to lock the controllers in place when not in use, which is a really great idea when you think about it.  After all, the DualShock 4 is a much more advanced controller which really shouldn’t be sharing spaces with things like drinks.  Speaking of controllers, while we’re on the subject, you should take note of the fact that the PS4 is going to support up to 4 controllers at once, so perhaps the best accessory you can pick up in this department is a couple of extra units.

Nyko PS4 accessories

Full List of PS4 Accessories

PDP Energizer 2X Charging Station for PS4
POWER A DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station
Nyko PS4 Smart Clip
Nyko PS4 Charge Base
Orb Elite Chat Headset – PS4
Orb PS4 Vertical Console Stand
DreamGEAR PS4 Player’s Pack
Orb 3M Controller LED Charge Cable – PS4
PDP Afterglow 5.1 Dolby Headset – PS4
Orb GP3 Gaming Headset – PS4
Orb PS4 Dual Controller Charge Dock – PS4
Orb PS4 Thumb Grips – PS4
Orb PS4 Camera TV Clip and Wall Mount – PS4
Turtle Beach Ear Force P4C Chat Communicator – PS4
Venom USB Play and Charge Cable – PS4
Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Control Pad – Blue Wave
Orb Wired Chat Headset – PS4
Dual Charge Cable for PS4
Turtle Beach PS4 Ear Force PX4 Wireless Headset
Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 Control Pad – Magma Red
Orb 3M Controller Charge Cable – PS4
Call of Duty Ghosts Ear Force Phantom Wireless Headset

Nyko, a company known for producing and selling a wide assortment of non-OEM-related accessories (for all gaming consoles), has 3 very interesting products which are worth checking out.  For starters, there’s the “Smart Clip”, which is basically a small unit that allows you to attach your smartphone to the DualShock 4 controller.  Currently it’s only available for the Xbox 360, but a PS4 model is on the way though.  So, just how useful could such a thing actually be, you might be wondering?  Well, if you’re the sort of gamer that likes to frequently peruse the internet for helpful facts, comments, stories, or maybe even walkthroughs, such a product might completely transform the way you game.  Likewise, if you often use your smartphone to manage and share links and videos via social media, you could, in theory, use the Smart Clip / Smartphone combo to facilitate that while never actually having to leave or walk away from your game(s).

In the audio department, well-known brand “Astro Gaming” has announced that they’re working on specific models which are going to be fully compatible with the PS4.  In other words, these high-quality headsets will be able to work with the chat port on the DualShock 4 in addition to providing support for Bluetooth and USB.

ps4 hdd

Perhaps one of the most important accessory-related news items has to do with the PS4’s hard drive (which is 2.5 inch – the same as a laptop hdd).  At launch, most consoles are going to come with a 500 GB drive that’s actually entirely region-free.  Of course the sheer size of the drive seems to indicate that most gamers probably aren’t going to need to upgrade for quite some time, however, if you want, you’ll soon be able to purchase a larger, perhaps more improved hard drive.  Moreover, since they’re eliminated regions, yet another hurdle has been removed (which is great for customers).  In short, if you’re the type of gamer that prefers to install titles and tends to play a lot of games (either recreationally or in some professional capacity), having the option to pick up a new, larger hard drive that can be easily installed is really great news.

PS4 Accessories - PS Camera

Arguably, the most “awesome” or desirable accessory for the PS4 is the newly redesigned and updated PlayStation Camera. Not only does this device add support for specific games which can utilize it, there will be plenty of other features which become accessible once you’ve attached the camera to your system.  For instance, voice and gesture commands will be accepted by the PS camera, which will allow you to experience games (and the console itself) in an entirely new way. Of particular note is the camera interfaces with the DualShock 4 controller in order to perceive player depth for tracking.  In short, this revamped camera tracks incredibly fast and delivers near-instantaneous glitch-free results; needless to say, it’s going to be very interesting to see how game developers take advantage of this technology in the near future.  Aside from controlling movements or receiving voice commands, the PS camera will also add facial recognition scanning to the mix, which more or less turns the PS4 into a truly futuristic, forward-thinking console.

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