Best Horses In Skyrim Ranked

In-game traveling is very important, especially for a game like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is why developers include mounts (horses) where players can travel faster from point A to point B without wasting any time.

When it comes to choosing the perfect horse in Skyrim, there are a few things to consider. The most obvious way to start is to check out the stats of some of the horses. Each horse comes with different abilities translated through their stats, making them unique for different things.

Just like when betting on the 2022 Belmont Stakes, in Skyrim, you also need to pay attention to the horse’s health and stamina stats, just like This will indicate if a horse is good or not for certain situations.

However, let’s get one thing straight from the beginning. If you want the best horses in Skyrim, then the Dwarven Horse from Skyrim’s Anniversary Upgrade is the best one to get. The best unlockable horse is Shadowmere which has increased stats for one-handed combat, as well as rapid health generation and high health.

So, if you still haven’t obtained the best horse in the game, don’t worry, there are still many alternatives that can be easily obtained and come with decent stats.

Best Wild Horses You Can Get in Skyrim


In the magical world of Skyrim, Unicorns do exist. Since we are talking about a mythical creature, it is expected for this horse to have high stats.  Unicorns stand out from the crowd due to their incredible health of 1637 and stamina of 698.

This is a powerful breed that can only be mounted if you sneak up to it. If you spot a Unicorn, make sure not to wield any weapons when approaching them, because they can sense danger and can freak out by attacking you.

Not only do they have high health and stamina, but they are also naturally resistant to magic, poison, disease, and normal weapons. Plus they look cool with the horn on their heads.

Black Horse

If you are looking for a wild horse with some decent stats, that is also extremely speedy, then the Black Horse might be perfect for you. They can be located South of Evergreen Gove and come with decent health, which is more than Paint Horses, but less than White horses.

Additionally, they are good for combat since they can do a bit more damage than other horse breeds in the game.

White Horse

These beautiful horses can be located west of Stony Creek Cave, and have similar stats to Black Horses. In fact, they have the almost identical speed to Black horses and the only difference is their health.

Special Horses in Skyrim

When it comes to wild common horses, there is a small difference in their abilities. However, if you want something special, you should go for some of the unique horses that come with the Anniversary Edition of the game.

Dwarven Horse

Even though we are not talking about a living creature, this mount is easily obtainable through the Forgotten Seasons Creation or the Anniversary Edition of the game. The Dwarven horse is one of the best horses in the game in terms of stats, and you can get it through a quest associated with the Runoff Caverns in Lost Valley Redoubt.


Here we have another unique horse that sometimes appears outside Black-Briar Lodge. In order to obtain Frost, you need to start the quest Promises to Keep inside Bee and Barb inn.

This is a horse with incredible abilities toping up the health of 562 and stamina of 148.


 This mount is only obtainable through Dawnguard DLC, where you can go to Soul Cairn and finish the quest “Find Arvak’s Skull”. The skull is located on the east side of the Boneyard’s front gate.

The Arvak horse is also a special horse that might not be as powerful as Frost or Shadowmere, but it is way better than the common wild horses found in the game.

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