The Best Steering Wheels for PS4 Gamers

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a realistic steering wheel when you’re playing a racing game. Sure, you can use a controller (even the wonderful DualShock 4) to control the on-screen action, but the subtlety of control and immersion-factor of an actual wheel cannot be surpassed if you’re really into racing. Given the PS4’s relatively new status on the console scene, you might think that there aren’t that many options available for the serious Sony racing fan. In short, the options are rather sparse at the moment, nevertheless, there are some great options out there for those who want to take their simulation to the next level. Here are some of the best steering wheels that all PlayStation 4 gamers with an interest in driving titles should check out as quickly as possible…

Thrustmaster T80 Driveclub Edition

PS4 Steering wheelIn terms of features and licensing, Thrustmaster’s T80 Driveclub edition racing wheel is more or less (currently) at the top of the heap if we’re talking about the PS4. As its name clearly implies, this control device is meant to work in tandem with the upcoming release of the game “Driveclub” which is set to hit store shelves in October. Of course it’s not without its faults; for example, it doesn’t currently provide support for Need for Speed: Rivals. Whether or not that makes a difference, the unit is certainly of excellent quality and will most definitely support many of the upcoming releases headed our way. Of course you can always use it with your various PS3 racing games in the mean time.

In terms of features, the T80 wheel incorporates linear resistance as well as auto-centering, both of which help to ultimately increase driver control. The unit also comes with a clamping system which you can use to attach it to virtually any solid surface, like a desk. It’s also a comfortable-feeling device, with a rubber coating that helps to maintain control, even in tense, sweaty situations. In terms of controls, the T80 has no less than 11 buttons as well as a directional pad and of course the two large pedals for floor control. Speaking of which, there’s excellent detailed control with the floor unit, which is a must for precision-based driving. Furthermore, if you’re the type of racer who prefers manual shifting, there’s even a system for that built into the wheel itself.

Officially Licensed Compact Racing Wheel (PS4)

Officially Licensed Compact Racing Wheel (PS4)

The Officially Licensed Compact Racing Wheel from 4Gamers isn’t so much a complete system as it is a nice work around. In essence, we’re talking about a frame or harness here that you can place a DualShock 4 controller inside of – a kind of secondary solution that looks very attractive in the absence of any type of universally PS4 game compatible wheel package. Having said that, it’s a fine product that most certainly gets the job done. Since the DS4 is able to utilize a gyroscopic control system to guide the action onscreen in many upcoming racing games, it only makes sense that you’d want more of a “wheel-like” feel. In short, that’s what this add-on does – it converts your controller into a compact racing wheel.

MS4R Home Racing Simulator

MS4R Home Racing Simulator (PS4)

If you really want to go “all out” and purchase a PS4 racing simulator package that features all the bells, whistles and trimmings out there the MS4R Home Racing Simulator is definitely for you. Aside from its many features, the unit is also compatible with many other platforms as well (strike one for versatility). For all intents and purposes it’s basically a complete shell replete with a chair, frame, wheel, floor controls and a realistically-placed shifting mechanism. The MS4R is essentially a home-based setup that closely imitates the sort of installations you see in arcades. For the dedicated racing game fan this system is also relatively more affordable than many others you’ve probably seen. In short, if you must have a completely immersive PlayStation 4 racing experience, the MS4R Home Racing Simulator is probably what you’re looking for.

Pythons Racing Wheel for PS4

Pythons Racing Wheel for PS4

Lastly, we have a product that’s more or less a baseline solution for all the gamers out there who just want something quick and affordable, Pythons Racing Wheel for PS4. In essence, this unit closely mimics the officially-licensed PS4 racing wheel (featured above). Nevertheless, it’s also solidly built and certainly gets the job done, and at an amazingly low price too.

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