The Best Upcoming PS4 Horror Games

Thanks to the upcoming release of PS VR, the world of gaming is about to change forever. We are going to be immersed in experiences like never before, and sometimes those experiences won’t be all fun and games… sometimes, they will be scarier than anything we’ve ever known. PSVR is simply perfect for horror games, and with a slew of new terrifying titles on the horizon, it’s coming just in time. So whether it’s a dark and stormy night or you simply want an adrenaline rush like no other, get ready to dive into these upcoming PS4 horror games.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

Until Dawn Rush of Blood

The base Until Dawn experience is scary enough on its own, but when you add virtual reality, it becomes something else entirely. Rush of Blood is a more on-rails adventure which looks to utilize everything about PSVR in order to make the experience scarier than ever before. Branching paths will still play a part here, though, so expect Rush of Blood to provide a lot of replayability.

Paranormal Activity VR

Paranormal Activity VR

The terrifying franchise is coming to virtual reality, and honestly, there’s no better place for it. Watching people play this game is an absolute delight- the screams, the tears and the nervous laughter are all hilarious, and they really have me itching to get a group of friends together, put this game in, and pass around the VR headset. For the player actually wearing the headset, though, the experience is far from funny- jump scares abound, and there’s just enough tension building to have you on the edge of your seat the whole time you play.

Allison Road

Allison Road

One of the best-looking games coming out for the PC right now has plans to come to PSVR as well. The premise seems very similar to Paranormal Activity VR, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. You’ll explore an eerily quiet (at first) suburban house, finding clues that indicate something horrible as happened, and as more time passes things will start to get creepier and creepier until you finally start to see evidence that something in the house wants you dead. And then you get to see what that thing is. Just watching the previews will scare the hell out of you.

Outlast 2

Outlast 2

There are no plans for VR when it comes to Outlast 2, but that’s okay- when the original Outlast hit the PS4 in 2014, it was very well received due to how utterly terrifying it was. The game did a fantastic job of making you feel isolated and helpless as you explored an asylum in the remote Colorado mountains, and Outlast 2 is looking to do the same thing in a new location and with new characters. You’ll be stuck in the middle of the night in a rural Arizona village where it seems a band of religious cultists have set up shop, and your only way to peer into the darkness is via your night vision camera, which of course runs on a short supply of batteries. Your goal is to find your wife and get out of dodge, but things will (of course) go very wrong as you learn about what’s been going on in this town.

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