Buying Guide on What to Look for in Purchasing a PS4

Whether you’re buying a PlayStation for the first time or you want to upgrade to the latest one, there are a few things that you need to know before purchasing the latest PlayStation. The PS4 is different than the previous one in many aspects. Sony released two versions for the PS4. You’ll be able to find the PS4 slim and the PS4 pro. The PS4 pro is more powerful than the slim. However, if you don’t own a 4K TV then the PS4 pro will not be good for you and the PS4 slim would be a perfect choice. Unlike PS3, the PS4 requires a subscription to the PlayStation plus in order to be able to play online games. PS4 also allows you to play online games that were on PS3 and PS2 by using PlayStation Now.

There are several things you should know and check before purchasing a PlayStation 4 if you want to optimize your playing experience.

Things to look for while purchasing a PS4: 

1. Checking the body itself

While purchasing PS4, you have to make sure that all the things listed on its box are actually inside. The box should contain one controller, one HDMI cable, one USB cable, one MONO MIC, one power cable, the installation manual and the terms and conditions manual, and definitely the PlayStation itself. You should also check the serial number on the PlayStation itself and compare it online. You should also keep an eye on the rubber base, and integral part on each PlayStation. Make sure it is there and not removed.

If you are not sure that the PlayStation 4 you are purchasing is brand new, then you should check the upper part of the console. This part is glossy and leaves scratches easily even by placing the controller on top of it. If you find any scratches, then this PS4 is not brand new. Another way to guarantee that the PlayStation you’re purchasing is brand new is the ports. The HDMI port and the power port can easily be scratched while putting the cables in them. Use a flashlight to check them.

A PlayStation is useless if the controllers are not working properly. Make sure that the controller is brand new as well by checking its charging port, and check for any scratches on the controller.

2. The software

Before purchasing the Latest PlayStation, plug it to any TV or monitor in order to check the bootup screen. When the PlayStation is brand new, a bootup screen will appear introducing everything to you. If you don’t see that page, then the PlayStation has already been used before. A new PlayStation should not contain any media or videos.

3. Accessories

If you’re willing to have a magnificent experience with the PlayStation 4, then you should consider purchasing PS4. Purchasing controller accessories take gaming to a whole new level. You can also purchase the VR set for the PlayStation 4 in order to get a whole new gaming experience.

4. An enjoyable experience

Purchasing the PS4 will give you an enjoyable gaming experience, unlike other gaming consoles. It has many new features that are enjoyable and user-friendly. It doesn’t require a gamer in order to purchase a PS4. You can enjoy the VR experience with the PS4 that is definitely different than any other experience you have ever had.

Checking if the PlayStation you’re purchasing is brand new or not is very important as you may face a lot of unexpected issues with a second hand PlayStation 4.

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