Can You Play Web Browser Games On The PS4?

Many have asked if it is possible to be able to play games on the Playstation 4 web browser and the short answer is yes you can but within some restrictions. Web browser games popularity is growing rapidly and many are starting to wonder whether or not they can move away from their desktop to their gaming systems as technology advances.

So if you’ve had enough of your PC or you just simply haven’t found any game that takes your fancy you’ll be happy to know that a number of games are now available directly through your console making it easily accessible to you at any time as long as you have an internet connection.

Although this gaming system has the ability to allow you to play web browser games, the quality, speed and access is a matter to deal with and consider. Many web browser gaming sites such as Miniclip or Addicting Games will not allow you to play on your PS4 web browser because these sites require Adobe Flash to be installed which currently you cannot download onto any Playstation console. It is expected for many online gaming sites in the future to no longer run on Adobe Flash but for now it is restricting you on what games and sites you play on if you wish to play on your console. On another note, it is not expected that Adobe Flash will become a feature in the gaming systems.

Other issues you may face are the fact that some games just won’t load. On certain sites, such as Poki, some games will load and others won’t. You also might face games that stutter during play, this ultimately disrupts you while you are immersed into the game and it goes on to effect the quality of play.

The games that are supported by the web browser are HTML 5 games. You can simply google ‘what games can you play on the PS4 web browser’ or you can even google ‘HTML 5 web browser games’ and you’ll find a number of compatible games and websites to enjoy on your PS4 web browser. These types of games developed with HTML 5 will load swiftly while on your PS4 web browser and are definitely the ones to look for.

A web browser gaming site that works extremely well with the PS4 web browser is Playboxie. Simply open up your web browser on your PS4, make your way to google and type in Playboxie. You’ll be redirected to the Playboxie site where there is a tonne of games for you to play. You will then be prompted to choose which console you are visiting the site from and the site will then detect the games that are supported for your console. In this case you would choose Playstation 4 but alternatively, you can also access Playboxie through Xbox One and Wii web browsers. There are other sites out there too, for example, take Super Smash Flash 2, you can play the game here.

Example of a HTML 5 game.
Example of a HTML 5 game.

So again, yes you can play web browser games through your PS4 which is a pretty awesome feature. However, you have to remember that this feature is not at its best yet and there is defiantly room for improvement. The ultimate desired situation would be for gaming systems to be fully compatible with all web browser games and gaming sites because at the moment it can get quite frustrating dealing with limited access, lag and certain games not loading.

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