Casino Games on PS4 in 2023

If you are a casino games enthusiast, then you probably know how fun it can be to chill out and play some risk-free casino games. Despite not using real money, it can still be just as much as a thrill watching the roulette wheel, hitting the Blackjack tables or spinning the reels on slot games. Luckily, the online world has a great selection of games based around casinos and popular casino games and Sony are no different. There are several different casino games which can be played directly on your PS4.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots
The Four Kings Casino and Slots

The team here at PS4Home have put together a list of the best casino games which you can play on your PS4 in 2023. Find our selections below and enjoy.

The Four Kings Casino and Slots

Providing a simulated casino experience, The Four Kings Casino is a social MMO which allows players to play with both their friends and random players from the comfort of their own homes. The game starts off by requiring you to create and customise your own 3D character. You can choose everything from your hairstyle and body type to the clothes you wear. New clothing can be unlocked too by playing casino games. Furthermore, the more money you win, the better the clothes and items you can purchase.

Progress is made by working your way up the table stakes until you manage to play at the VIP tables with the high rollers. This can take some time and requires a fair amount of luck too. It is possible to use real money to purchase in-game items such as chips which will allow you to work your way up the stakes quicker.

The Casino Collection

Compete against players around the world with the PS4 Casino Collection. Roulette, Video Poker, slot machines, Craps Baccarat, Texas Hold’em, Blackjack and Five-Card Draw Poker are all available to be played in one collection here. There is a ranking system which allows players to compete against one another. This is truly a game for the true casino game enthusiasts as it can be slightly dry at times. However, one feature we really enjoy are the number of different cards designs which can be unlocked.

The Casino Collection can be purchased for £7.99 from the PlayStation store.

Blackjack World Tour

A game catering exclusively to lovers of Blackjack, Blackjack World Tour allows you to practise and play Blackjack without spending any of your own money. Blackjack World Tour may well be the number one game for anyone hoping to hone and test their Blackjack skills.

Players can pick their own Blackjack game from American to its European cousin. You can also pick your own chips to make the experience a unique one. You can purchase Blackjack World Tour from the PS4 store for £3.29.

Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition

The Fantasy World Casino allows you to take your seat alongside a plethora of 16 scantily dressed Pretty Girls. From Elves and Demons to Sorceresses, you can choose who to play with and against. However, don’t be mistaken in thinking that the graphics are the only aspect of this game worth playing for. The traditional mechanics of Texas Hold’em poker are here and the game plays nicely.

With outfits and voices unique to each of the girls, there are lots of hours of fun to be had here. You can purchase Poker Pretty Girls Battle: Fantasy World Edition for £4.99 from the PS4 store.

Prominence Poker

Set in the gambling mecca of Prominence, a city owned by criminals and shady people, Prominence Poker will give gamblers a unique solo experience in which they must enter the underworld and play a battle of wits against four unique and menacing poker gangs. The AI here is known to be devious, and each of the gangs have their own unique ways of playing poker, so you need to adapt your game as you play through Prominence Poker.

There is also a multiplayer mode where you can play against friends. There are also daily challenges and tournaments. Prominence Poker is free to buy from the PlayStation store.

Online Casino Games Continuing to Evolve in 2023

Playing casino games on a console is a risk-free and relaxed way to play a variety of different gambling games which you will also find at your local casino. However, some of the most played online games in the world consist of online casino games and more specifically, online slots games.

Online slots sites in 2023 are visited by tens of thousands of players per week, the majority of which choose to play online slot machines for real money. These machines are extremely sophisticated and come in a variety of themes from ones based on Ancient Gods to football and horror themed slots.

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