DLC coming to GTA5 – casinos?

Last year grand theft auto five was one of the bestselling games to come out not only in that year but of all time, and this is for many good reasons as the game itself received fantastic reviews from both game journalists and players alike. What’s been amazing about grand theft auto five is how the community has continued to play the online months and months after release, many people saying that any money in GTA five online is actually more fun than the story mode itself. For some people the online gameplay has become a tad stale and so they are waiting for the DLC to start rolling out. Fortunately for these people there have been many rumours and hints at DLC that will no doubt hit.

DLC coming to GTA5 – casinos

As you drive around Los Santos in grand theft auto five you might find that there is actually a casino outside of the city, however when you actually go to enter it you will see that there is an opening soon sign on the outside. While this is hint enough for most people to think that there is a sure-fire casino DLC pack coming soon, these rumours were confirmed for many other people when in an older DLC pack audio files will released talking about the casino opening getting many people excited about the idea of playing the same casino games that you can play at sites like www.gamingclub.com/nz with their friends online in grand theft auto five.


Simple DLC such as casino games will not satisfy everybody as most people have become used to Rockstar releasing the best DLC possible for their games. In the last grand theft auto is there were two award-winning DLC packs contained tons of new story and characters for you to enjoy and many people are hoping this will happen again.

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