EA’s E3 2015 Conference: Quick Summary

Below are the notes, screenshots and trailers for the featured games of the EA E3 2015 conference.

Need for Speed

  • Richest customization
  • 5 overlapping stories (Speed, Style, build, crew, outlaw)
  • Fully open world environment with urban police infested areas
  • November 3rd

Mass Effect Armageddon

  • Coming 2016


  • Made by Swedish developer
  • Unique gameplay
  • Relaxing environments
  • Screenshots

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2

  • All new world
  • Plants will be on the attack for the first time
  • Fun and action packed
  • Spring 2016
  • Free content updates long after launch
  • Screenshots

PGA Tour

  • Frostbite engine
  • No load-time between holes


  • Pele explains why it’s called the beautiful game
  • Contextual feedback
  • The most balanced FIFA yet
  • Incept intelligence
  • More moments of magic
  • FIFA trainer – improve your gameplay
  • New Ways to Play – FIFA women
  • Innovation across the entire pitch
  • Screenshots

NBA Live 16

  • App scans your face for in game
  • September 29th (app releases before game)
  • Game Face HD (only available with NBA Live 16)
  • Live Motion- new free flowing movements keep things dynamic.
  • – New Shot system – better control
  • New game mode will be unveiled later this year.
  • Screenshots

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

  • First person experience
  • Frostbite engine
  • A futuristic city which is ruled by corporations. Uncover secrets by exploring the city. Story missions and activities. No levels.
  • No loading screens
  • Beautiful massive city (free roam)
  • Rise of Faith (the game character)
  • February 23rd 2016
  • Screenshots

Madden NFL 16

  • Draft Champions
  • Overhauled passing game

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