EA’s PlayStation 4 Games will cost £54.99

If you’re the kind of gamer that looks to find a great deal on newly released games, you’ll probably want to look at non-EA titles.

An FAQ at GAME has revealed this information:

“At present, the only publisher to confirm costs of their next generation games are EA, attaching a price of £54.99.”

“No other game prices have been confirmed. We will of course update our listings as and when this happens. And if the price changes before release day, you will always pay the lowest price.”

The majority of PlayStation 4 titles will carry a UK (RRP) price tag of £49.99. However, premium titles such as Call of Duty will also generally carry a higher price tag.

Current gen titles usually have an initial UK RRP of £39.99.

How do you feel about having to pay an extra £10-£15 per game? Let us know in the comments!

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