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For die-hard sports gamers, particularly those with a love for football (or “Soccer”), this latest FIFA release is nothing short of spectacular, especially if you own a next generation console.  Yes, while the PS3 / Xbox 360 versions are certainly nothing to scoff at, it is the Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4 editions which offer the most tantalizing experience.  This is of course due to the fact that the more up-to-date adaptation actually features an entirely new engine (it’s called “Ignite”, btw).  So, just how good is it then, you’re probably wondering?  In short, it’s bloody fantastic!

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Of course before we proceed any further with the laudatory gestures, it should be pointed out that we aren’t talking about an incredibly disparate game in either case.  In other words, both versions are largely comparable, although the more astute and talented will likely catch the differences right away.  As they say, “the devil’s in the details” – a phrase which more or less perfectly sums up the situation here.


As previously indicated, the PS4 version of this title is somewhat graphically enhanced over its 7th generation counterparts, but not incredibly so.  To put it another way – you’ll definitely be “wowed” by FIFA 14’s overall presentation (the slicker movements and animations, for example), but it will still look familiar to the studied player.  The game is noticeably sharper in terms of graphics, with altogether new levels of detail present.  Of particular note are the player animations, which are now so varied and intricate that you can’t help but feel like you’re watching a match on TV.   Naturally, this new platform noticeably alters the overall feel of the game as well, with even the most routine or mundane actions now taking on a more fluid character.

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Of course, the real draw of any FIFA game is its gameplay, and 14 is certainly no different in this respect.  Simply put, this title offers you a wealth of content.  Want to play an entire season?  No problem, there are multiple modes available comprising everything from single player madness and friendly multiplayer, to knock-down, drag-out online completions.  Most people seem to be attracted to the “Ultimate Team” mode, where there’s quite a lot of freedom to trade and build teams for a variety of purposes.  While a lot of the core gameplay remains relatively untouched, there have been some noticeable additions with regards to defending and so forth.  FIFA 14 simply has a certain type of “inviting” feel that many of the more perceptive players will likely notice straight away.

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If you’re a sports (or football) fan, FIFA 14 is pretty much a must-buy.  Naturally, if you’ve been a long-time supporter of the FIFA franchise, picking this one up is definitely a no-brainer.  All in all, EA has pleased its fans by delivering the sort of incremental advancement and enhancement that people were expecting.   While the last-gen versions of the game certainly aren’t shabby, the serious player will definitely want to set their sights on the PS4 version, it really is that good.

Rating – 9.1

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