How to Fix Error CE-34878-0

Everyone hates it when a game crashes.  Not only does it interrupt whatever you were doing but chances are good that unless autosave just kicked in that you lost a good chunk of time (and maybe even some epic loot.)

One of the most common errors on the PS4 is CE-34878-0 (also called CE-36329-3.) The error mostly occurs with buggy games that haven’t been properly optimized.  In other words, it is more likely to happen with indie games than AAA titles. That said, it can happen to anyone with any game.

The error is mainly due to corrupt data but don’t let that scare you. What looks like a terrifying system failure is not actually that hard to fix.  Time consuming? Yes.  Difficult? No.

The good news is that this error can usually be corrected without having to re-install any system software.  The first course of action is what all IT support specialists everywhere will tell you to do the first time any tech problem happens – turn it off and on again.

Once the system has rebooted check to see if there are any game patches or system updates that need to be installed.  If so, do that first.  These may require your system to reboot again so now is the time to go make coffee, load the dishwasher or check your email.

If the error happens again you will need to reinstall the game from the original disc or download.  Any patches that had been installed will need to be re-installed again.

Remember that the PS4 saves your character data in a separate file so you won’t lose your last save by reinstalling the game.

Finally, if your error persists you may have to re-install the PS4 system software.  First, you’ll want to backup your data.  Then go to settings, initialization, and select “Initialize PS4.”

Once the system is booted up you’ll need to download and install any system updates, reinstall your game and any patches for it, and give it another go.  The vast majority of the time this will fix the error.  Usually, a reinstall of the game is all you need, but in some cases, you do have to take the console back to factory settings to wipe out any nasty data corruption that might be hanging around.

Keeping up to date with patches and system updates is always a good idea, even if it is sometimes less than convenient.  Hopefully, you will never encounter this error, but if you do now you know how to fix it.  Happy gaming!

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