For Honor Review

Every once in a while, a game will come along that changes the game and everything you have ever known about role playing games. For Honor is one of those times and games that changes the rules. I picked up a copy of this with neutral expectations for how good it was. I got it home and opened up the case and popped it into my PS4. I was quite surprised from moment one, the big thing to take away from For Honor is that it’s a straight up fighting game. You will tear down a mob of soldiers in a heartbeat, but the real value lies with the one-on-one battles.

There are many people that will see the learning curve with this game as being hard to master. This will take a little time for you to get your feet under you before you take on the enemy. If you can master these controls, then you will quickly find yourself in a situation where you will be ready to kill within a matter of minutes. The game play and the story are both very well developed and there is not the large amount of clumsiness you might otherwise encounter when playing a fighting game.

Graphics wise, the game is about as good as it gets as there are a lot of improvement that has been made over the years by the developer that pumps For Honor out. I was not expecting a lot from the game as I had played a number of other titles put out by the company. One thing that I looked at and was the duel and brawl modes that were placed in the game to help and give the player a little something extra in terms of a good old fight that they are generally used to. The game is not what many will be used to in the way of a game that is centered around fighting. If Samurais are your kind of thing, then you are in luck as you can get your sword skills mastered with a little preparation and practice.

There are 18 levels that will challenge every bit of your skills both in terms of playing the game and how you go about killing your opponents. This can take a lot of skill at times and if you are afraid that you will just zip through these levels, you will be very mistaken as this is a challenge in every sense of the word.

All in all, this is a superb game if you have never played a fighting game. This is a great place to begin as it will show you the world of fighting for honor and killing those before they have the chance to kill you. Other than a slight learning curve, you will jump right into the action and find yourself fighting for the honor of those that came before you.

Jim Williams

Originally from Great Falls Montana. Currently living in Memphis Tn, an avid motorcycle rider, gamer. I love everything that is PS4 related and have taken part in a number of gaming tournaments including an annual Madden tournament.

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