GTA Online Gets Festive this Halloween

The online world of Los Santos is about to get festive and somewhat spooky thanks to a Halloween surprise from Rockstar. You’ll be granted access to a number of unique special items which include two new vehicles, a number of scary masks, and a new Slasher Adversary mode. The two vehicles, the Lurcher Hearse and the Franken Stange, will both be available for a limited time only. The new Slasher Adversary mode challenges up to 8 players to enjoy very spooky styled gameplay, which is perfect for this Halloween – it involves running, hiding, and fighting to survive against the Slasher who’s looking for you, and his goal is to kill you. A special Halloween weekend event will be live streamed Friday October 30th at 5pm ET which will feature the Rockstar Broadcast team along with a number of special guests.

All of these new additions are available and will be through until November the 16th. However, all items you get will be yours to keep forever, so don’t worry about losing them.

Franken Stange
0 Lurcher Hearse
New Masks & Face Paints
Slahser Adversary Mode (2)

James Allsopp

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