GTA V PS4 Game Pre-Order Appears on Amazon Germany

Will GTA V be released on PlayStation 4? If so, when? These are two questions that PS4 fans want desperately answering. Amazon Germany listed the game for pre-order earlier today; however, it was later taken down. Was this a simple mistake? Or was it a leak to take seriously? The game is clearly displayed within the PS4’s blue box, maybe this is a sign that GTA V will be heading for PS4 sooner than we anticipated.



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8 years ago

brilliant game! Im sure it’s going to come out on ps4, it has to, right?

8 years ago

My husband LOVES playing an oldschool version of GTA on our PS2. I wonder if investing in something better is a good idea for us… or if it’s time to invest in other things. Hah.

8 years ago

This is probably one of the best GTA games I’ve played to date. I hope it does come to PS4. If there were ever a GTA game worth “investing in something better” for, this would probably be the one.

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