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Chances are you’ve already used one or more nifty accessories from HORI USA, a company that specializes in aftermarket goodies to plug into gaming consoles.  Some of their previous products have been fairly popular with PS3 as well as Xbox 360 users, for example.  Whereas a lot of other manufacturers might concentrate on standardized gaming pad knock-offs (the sort that you would use for regular gaming), HORI tends to produce very specialized pieces.  Their Fighting EDGE pads are a great example of this, offering a more “traditional-looking” arcade-style layout which many gamers feel enhances their abilities and overall gaming experience.  But this isn’t a review about that, the focus here is on the HORI Racing Wheel 4, which as its name implies, is designed to be used with the PlayStation 4.HORI Racing Wheel 4To say that this racing wheel is a good choice for avid racing fans is an understatement.  In all honesty, it excels in a number of ways, be it price, features or compatibility.  Right off the bat many gamers will take note of the fact that the unit isn’t just something you can use with your PS4, it’s also capable of being used with a PS3 as well.  That alone will likely entice more than a few devoted Sony fans to pick one up, especially if they frequently play older racing / driving titles.

So, what does this wheel and floorboard unit have going for it, specifically (in terms of actual features)?   First off, it’s important to note that it is indeed officially licensed by SCEA, which implies that it has passed a number of fairly stringent tests for quality and so forth.  It isn’t often that Sony attaches its name or seal of approval to accessories so when they do it speaks volumes.

Vibration feedback, paddle shifters, and fully programmable buttons rounds out the other features of the HORI Racing Wheel 4.   Immersion is entirely dependent on things like feedback, obviously, and remains vitally important when it comes to delivering an energizing experience.  Likewise, having fairly realistic paddles shifters and programmable buttons means that you won’t be left feeling disconnected from the action onscreen.  As you well know, having your preferred settings can often mean the difference between a great racing experience and a mediocre one, and this doesn’t even take into account issues like control, of course.  Rounding out the hardware the Racing Wheel 4 also comes with rubber grips, which are essential for helping you maintain control even when your hands are covered in sweat and the action becomes incredibly intense.

HORI Racing Wheel 4 2HORI has actually attempted to improve upon their last outing with a special steering mode designed especially for the PlayStation 4, greatly enhancing the driving experience.  Additionally, the floor unit has been redesigned a bit it seems, correcting problems relating to stability for enhanced control and balance.

The bottom line is that if you need a cost-effective, feature-rich, dependable and practical racing system, the HORI Racing Wheel 4 is definitely worth your time.  Moreover, since the unit is approved by SCEA you know you’re getting something that will work well with a wide range of titles (not to mention your console).

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