How to Save PS4 Online Video Guides on a PC

When you get stuck playing a PS4 game, odds are you’ll immediately look for a video guide to help out. Nowadays there are so many guides available on YouTube and other platforms that it makes it easy to find what you need.

If you want to save one of these guides so that it is more convenient to refer to it, you may find it isn’t that easy. Most online streaming platforms don’t have an option to ‘save’ videos, or if they do they normally place lots of limitations on it.

That is why if you want to save a PS4 online video guide, you need to look at other options:

  • ‘Video downloader’ websites

Nowadays there are lots of ‘video downloader’ websites, and a simple search will provide you with a list that you can try out. Generally all you need to do to use these websites is paste the URL of the video and it will then process it and give you a link to download the video guide.

While easy and convenient, ‘video downloader’ websites are notorious for having lots of intrusive ads. On top of that there will be some limitations in terms of the video duration and its quality.

Because it requires a URL, this option normally cannot be used to download video guides from within apps.

  • Browser extensions that detect videos

Although there are several types of browser extensions to ‘download’ online videos, the most effective are the ones that detect videos on the webpage that you’re on. Essentially these extensions will find the source of the video and let you easily download it to your PC.

Because they locate the source, these extensions tend to have fewer limitations. Some may still have ads in some form however, and the option is restricted to downloading videos from websites.

Arguably the most frustrating aspect of this option is sometimes the extension that you’re using may have difficulty detecting videos or finding their source if it is masked or hidden in some way.

  • Screen recording

Compared to the other options listed above, screen recording is unique. It doesn’t ‘download’ videos per se, but will let you record any PS4 video guide that you want directly from your screen. As such it has none of the limitations of the other options, nor will you have to deal with ads.

It should be pointed out that screen recording can be used to capture and save the content from other types of PS4 game guides as well in video form, which may be an intriguing option to pursue.

By this point you should have a better understanding of your options – and it is up to you to decide which one you want to use. It may help to try each option initially however, so that you get a better feel for how it works and any limitations that it may have. After you settle on the one that fits your requirements, you should be able to download any PS4 online video guide with ease.

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