What Makes An Online Gamer Tick

A person who plays online games is always going to want to have fun, which is the top reason for playing any games, right?  Even playing something to pass the time, be it an action game, casino games, or simple games where you match colors, are eventually going to be fun of some sort.  This is why there is always so much hype about gaming!  The unknown is something that every gamer is going to have to venture into eventually, but not something that will always be bad.  After all, if all gaming experiences were good there would be no competition.


Gaming is something different to every person.  A person who plays games where they are pitted against other players over a large map will have to work with one another and use strategy.  These people are normally highly competitive.  The thing that makes them tick is the rush of being able to pummel the opponent into the ground and come out the victor, all the while showing off their skill. A gamer who is into Red Flush mac casino games will have a totally different thing that makes them tick.  Although the goal is to win, they are going to try to beat the odds by betting smartly, betting only when they have to, and probably trying to save their bankroll if they are playing with real money.  These people can either play the casino games in a real casino, over their phone, or simply use an app on the computer.  They are in it to win it and have the chance to win real prizes if they are good enough.


People who play MMO’s have much the same goal of coming out on top.  However, these people tend to be centered around the hype of questing, crafting and playing through dungeons.  They love PVP for the most part and sometimes have no choice whether they are involved in it, and the unknown is always going to be a part of any action they run into.  However, the ability to form guilds and clans is wonderful as they can meet like-minded individuals, something that many casino and strategy games cannot do as the guilds do not work within the game itself.


Perhaps one of the most interesting types of gaming that people focus on is that on Social Networking apps.  These people have the ability to use energy or points to do a certain amount of things per day or hour.  They can also invite their friends in on the fun.  These Social Media games are fun, can be full of action, be casino games, or even be strategy, which makes them easy to get into.  However, the risk with these games is the unknown factor of using real money to become stronger, but not knowing if the opponent has done the same.  These can easily be called pay to win games, but they are still fun. With every style of game and every gamer, there is always going to be something that make he or she tick.  It is all part of the fun!

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