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If you own a PS4 and you get a kick out of karaoke, there’s a fantastic newly released party game on the market just for you. Now That’s What I Call Sing is a ton of fun whether you’ve never hit a note in your life or are getting ready for an American Idol audition. There’s a surprising amount of depth in the game thanks to a variety of modes and multiple unique difficulty levels, and while all of the songs except one are from 2013 or later, there’s a fairly good mix of genres and songs for you to pick from.

And that’s really what’s important… a rhythm or karaoke game is only as good as its track list, and NTWICS features everything from Avicii to James Blunt, Ariana Grande’s Problem to Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk, and of course, Let it Go from Frozen. Some of these songs are harder to sing than others, but they’re all fairly high energy and a lot of fun to master. If you’re not really a modern pop fan, though, you’ll be disappointed to learn that karaoke staples like Journey and Queen aren’t featured.

Now That's What I Call Sing
The game is played using the included microphone peripheral, and as lyrics come on-screen, you’re tasked with matching their notes by lining up your voice with the bars that scroll across the screen over the top of the song’s music video. You get points for hitting notes and your score is tallied at the end of the song. It’s all pretty straightforward, and even if you’ve never played a karaoke game before, you’ll pick it up quickly. What’s cool about Now That’s What I Call Sing are the golden high notes, which are really hard to hit but award you extra points if you do.

As far as gameplay modes and difficulty are concerned, there are plenty to choose from. Multiplayer highlights (the game supports four players) are Elimination, 20,000, and Pass the Mic. Elimination gives players a finite amount of “health,” which is depleted when notes are missed. When it runs out, that player is eliminated. 20,000 is a race to be the first player to hit 20,000 points, and Pass the Mic is exactly what it sounds like- one mic is passed between multiple players so that everyone has a different part to sing.

Now That's What I Call Sing 2
Even solo play is fun- Test Your Memory removes the lyrics from the screen, and Expert mode removes the scrolling bars, making for a really fun and difficult challenge.

Basically, if you like to sing or want to learn to sing better, Now That’s What I Call Sing is a great game that’ll make your party a hit or give you a break from the many shooters that are currently being released for the PS4. It’s easy to learn (and forgiving on the lower difficulty levels) but hard to master, and with the inevitable new DLC songs that’ll be coming out in the future, it’ll give you a lot of replayability.

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