PlayStation 4 Slim: Many Pictures Showing The Console’s Aesthetics

ps4_2000_acc_1473281396_tif_jpgcopy ps4_2000_01_1473281412 ps4_2000_02_1473281410_tif_jpgcopy ps4_2000_03_1473281409 ps4_2000_04_1473281407_tif_jpgcopy ps4_2000_05_1473281406 ps4_2000_06_1473281404_tif_jpgcopy ps4_2000_07_1473281403 ps4_2000_08_1473281402 ps4_2000_09_1473281401 ps4_2000_10_1473281400 ps4_2000_11_1473281399 ps4_2000_12_1473281398

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