What are the PS4 Must-haves for 2017?

If you look at any list of ‘the top PS4 games’ you’ll find variations. But if you read enough of those lists, you’ll see the same names appearing. We’ve researched ‘the best of the best’ for you.

The Last Guardian

Nine years in the making, this visually stunning game is a frequent flyer when it comes to ranking PS4 games. You play as a young boy who needs to solve puzzles in order to escape a derelict castle. The catch? To do that, you need to befriend the giant flying cat, Trico.

The Last Guardian is a mix of puzzles, platforms and battles but the core of the game is built around the relationship between boy and beast. Consistently scoring high with gamers and non-gamers alike (although it has its critics), The Last Guardian is a beautiful game to add to your collection.

The Witness

Another game that was years in the making, The Witness is a puzzler from the mind of Jonathan Blow (who brought us Braid). Although it looks like a simple puzzler to begin with, as you get deeper into the game, the Witness becomes more and more compelling. If you like your puzzlers complex, this is the game for you.

For Honour

If you like a bit of Hack and Slash, the For Honour offers you a range of settings to swing your sword. Play as a Samurai, Knight or Viking and get your melee on across the ages. An intense, close quarters fighting game, for Honour scores well for story as well as needing skill and tactics rather than just tanking your way through to the next round.

Friday the 13th

No list of PS4 games is complete without a good horror, and that’s just what Friday the 13th offers. Set in the same universe as the movies, up to 7 players can explore Camp Crystal and try to evade the 8th – the masked killed Jason Vorhees. The multi-player version of the game was released earlier this year, while the developers have just previewed the single player mode.


None of those take your fancy? The beauty of a gaming system with internet connectivity and a browser is that you can always play web based games. Whether you’re logging in to Overwatch, or connecting to one of the many good bingo sites in the UK. Sometimes it’s great to kick back with something a little more relaxing.

What about VR?

Virtual Reality games are taking the gaming world by storm, and Playstation are leading the way in this. With a host of headsets that works alongside their VR headset, you can find games in a variety of genres and worlds to explore. Scanning VR reviews, one top performing title is Until Dawn. An updated version of the 2015 title with the same name, this horror game using VR to bring a new dimension to the terror it leaves you with.

So, there you have it – a variety of the best of the best games. Enjoy!

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