PS4 Slim Incoming Soon?

The PS4 is already the slimmer console of this gen, you take one look at the XBOX One and instantly realise which console has the better aesthetics. You’d also be wrong if you followed the myth that ‘bigger is better’ – most often it isn’t.


The PS2 got a slim edition, the PS3 had two slim editions, the idea that we’ve got a PS4 slim incoming so soon shouldn’t come as a shock, although it might look ‘anorexic’ compared to the current XBOX One – hey, this is starting to sound like a diet article!.. However, it would be naïve to think that Microsoft wouldn’t also be announcing a ‘slim’ edition of the XBOX One this year – as it’s very likely.

PS4 to be coined the DVD Case sized console
PS4 Slim to be coined the Blu-ray case or DVD case sized console?

Many will wonder why a PS4 slim could be incoming so early. The simple fact is, we’re living in a faster evolving technologic world than we did, say, 10 years ago. We’ve already speculated about the idea that Sony would potentially reveal a PS4 Slim this year, and we think it’s going to happen. Behind the scenes you’ve got two brands developing many exciting things, it’s like a game of chess, who make’s the first move? Who’s going to make the best move? Sony were the first to announce the PS4, quickly followed by the announcement of the XBOX One.

Which company will unveil the inevitable ‘slim’ edition first? Which will be ‘slimmer’? These are two questions that we think could be answered this year, again, with Sony leading the way.

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