Resident Evil HD Remaster Review

It could be argued that a horror-based game like Resident Evil creates one of the most immersive gameplay experiences. After all, the game requires you to make your way through a creepy mansion in search of a way out, fighting zombies along the way who pose a threat even after you kill them if you don’t properly dispose of them, and the challenges and puzzles you have to solve require a level of focus that often makes the real world seem like a distant background. Originally released in 1996, Resident Evil quickly became one of the most popular games for gamers, launching a series of sequels and film adaptations. The immersive nature of the game was one of its strengths. You couldn’t play this game without having your heart beating rapidly the entire time. At the time, it was a truly terrifying experience.


The original Resident Evil game has been remastered in HD for Playstation 4, and it’s a prime opportunity to experience one of the most groundbreaking games ever released. This is the second re-release of the game after 2002’s Game Cube version, and the new HD version takes much of 2002 release and improves upon it. This includes some more detailed textures than in the original game. While still very much the original Resident Evil fans loved in 1996, the look and feel of the game has been greatly updated for the latest generation Playstation console.

The game puts you right in the middle of the action as you explore Spencer Mansion for the missing members of your team. However, exploration soon reveals the dark nature of the house you’ve found yourself trapped in. What starts out as a rescue mission soon becomes a desperate fight for survival. Zombie stories have become especially popular in recent years, thanks to the popularity of the television show The Walking Dead. But Resident Evil has a different feel to it, a darker, more terrifying feel. As you fight the survival of you and your team, the strength of the game is in the puzzles and challenges you have to solve to get one step closer to finding your way out of the mansion. You have to think and act quickly because the threat is always looming. The tense feeling you get as you open a door in the mansion, not knowing if something is waiting for your on the other side, is what makes this game one that is not only great to play once, but over and over. The fact that the game has been remastered after all this time is a testament to its repeated playability.

If you check out Resident Evil HD Remastered, you’re in for a fun gaming experience. If you’ve never played the original game, then this is the time to get in on what made the game so popular in the first place. Resident Evil is a straightforward horror-adventure game that immerses the player in a way that few other games can. It’s good to see a classic revived.

Rating – 8.5

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