Rise of the Tomb Raider Preview

Developer Crystal Dynamics certainly has its hands full in trying to provide a suitable follow up to the recent release / reboot “Tomb Raider” (which effectively rebranded the series and brought it back up to modern standards).  While we still aren’t afforded much more insight into new developments with this upcoming blockbuster we do know that it is poised to bring new features and hit store shelves in time for the late 2015 holiday release.  Is this the TR game that fans have been waiting for, the one that sees our dear Heroine Lara C. finally spreading her wings to become the unstoppable, legendary adventurer we always knew she was?

rise of the tomb raider
At first glace it would seem that Rise of the Tomb Raider is still building upon the basic operational provisions of the last offering, namely – to show the human side of Lara’s character.  The idea of actually exposing the perceived weaknesses of such typically strong characters could be seen as dangerous, especially when they’re known to be as powerful and enduring as the lady Croft, however they seem to be managing it nicely.  Given the directions pointed at with the latest teaser / trailer, one can only assume that this game will fill in more of the over-arching story / time line, offering even more of a candid glimpse into Lara’s life and exploits.

Additionally, since the game’s producers have been eagerly hinting up to the reveal of RofTR that a “next gen” Tomb Raider game has been in the works (the entire time) following the release of the reboot, one can only assume that this latest tantalizing title will be something of an improvement over its predecessor.  Needless to say, if they’re able to take things to the next level in terms of visuals or even basic gameplay, perhaps bring back some of that classic action from the past although recast in a more fulfilling light with enhanced realism…well, this is going to be an amazing release indeed.  Part of what set some people off of the (still amazing) reboot is that it eschews jet setting off to remote locations, more or less confining Lara to one basic island environment.  With Rise of the Tomb Raider we seem to be seeing hints at a return to form here, with Croft once again being able to explore such untouched tombs of old.

Overall, the series seems to be incorporating somewhat unexpected elements which simultaneously pay tribute to the narratives of the older titles while finding ways to increase the realism factor.  Naturally, the spooky monsters encountered at the end of the last game certainly don’t conform to realistic principles, but whereas such things felt rather hokey in past offerings they certainly seemed to be solid and more believable now (with this new format).  In short, it would seem that Rise of the Tomb Raider is a definite continuation of that – a move to increase the action as well as redirect the focus back on what fans of the series have been eagerly asking for.

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