Rugby 18 Review

If you enjoy watching or playing the game rugby, Rugby 18 is definitely the game for you. This game is full of realistic players, teams, and gameplay. It’s challenging and endlessly fun, giving rugby fans the opportunity to play as their dream player or even build their dream team. This game is definitely worth the time and money. This game offers a truly authentic feel to a video game that isn’t present in other sports related games. It also offers a challenge that isn’t present in other sports video games, which are usually easy to just pick up and play casually and quickly.

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One of the best parts of Rugby 18 is that this game doesn’t stop at a realistic feel, but has realistic teams and characters. They received official licensing so that they were able to create an impeccable likeness in the athletes from all your favorite teams from which you can choose. In addition to that, the gameplay is every bit as challenging and authentic as real rugby. As there are many move options in the game of rugby, all of the controls are utilized for actions in this game. It can be incredibly challenging to be successful at this game and it takes a lot of practice, but that just adds to its authenticity.

This game features quick play modes available for play both online and offline. It also features fairly extensive career modes that have a lot of options for gameplay. It also has a “My Squad” feature that is very similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team option. This feature allows you to put your favorite players from every team on one awesome team. You can make your fantasy rugby team a reality. If you get too frustrated perfecting your game, you could always waste hours on end in this mode, building your ideal dream team and perfecting your players’ skills.

Rugby fans will absolutely love the realistic feel this game provides. In addition to the realistic controls, the gameplay itself is very realistic. There’s no awful arcade-like feel to the game that so commonly ruins other sports related video games. You need to be sure and pay attention to the entire tutorial so you know what you’re getting yourself into. As previously stated, there are a lot of controls to learn and remember; if you don’t pay attention during the tutorial, you’ll fumble around during the game which is already challenging.

Unlike other sports games, this one isn’t a quick and casual game you can just pick up and play. Rugby 18 takes practice to become a skilled player. It can take a lot of time to perfect your game. This is why we mostly try to recommend this game for real rugby fans who will appreciate the authentic feel and real challenge. Unlike a lot of the new games on the market, however, Rugby 18 doesn’t overload you with upselling gestures to get you to make in-app purchases to better your teams.

The one down side to this great game is that they didn’t get licensure for the stadiums, so you have authentic players playing on inauthentic fields. What’s even worse is that they didn’t even get anywhere near creative with their names for the stadiums, just “Stadium 1,” “Stadium 2,” and so on and so forth. The commentary also leaves much to be desired, as it comes across as robotic; it’s very obvious when one pre-recorded phrase ends and another begins due to an unnatural pause. These things don’t effect the overall gameplay, but they do take away from the authentic feel the game has worked so hard to construct. It just comes across as unpolished.

Other than that one downside, though, this game offers amazing gameplay for rugby fans. The graphics are decent and provide a realistic atmosphere. It offers several challenging and authentic controls and options and authentic looking players. This game truly offers the best rugby experience for all real rugby fans. You can build your dream team, play as your favorite player, and get the real experience of playing rugby in your own living room.

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Rugby 18 Verdict

Game Rating - 68%



Whilst Rugby 18 lacks in many departments, the title tackles a sport that is totally redundant with no true game alternatives. Thus, where this game fails, it does succeed in the sense that it's attempting to bring gameplay to fans of Rugby.

User Rating: 1.79 ( 4 votes)

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