Sony ready to enter the virtual reality gaming Area for the PlayStation 4

It has been revealed that Sony is ready to enter the virtual reality gaming arena for the PlayStation 4. The headset was due to be showcased at Gamescom, however, it was decided that the headset should be unveiled sometime next year.

It has been suggested that Oculus, the company behind the Oculus Rift, could be acquired by Sony. However, this seems unlikely as Sony are said to be ready to launch their own virtual reality headset. Oculus showed off their Rift HD headset at Gamescom.

Rift HD headset

Sony already has the HMZ-T2 personal 3D viewer, which can be used for HD movies and 3D games, the device costs £1000.Sony ready to enter the virtual reality gaming Area for the PlayStation 4

The virtual reality headset market is set to get very competitive in coming years, with the likes of Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo all battling it out to provide the best product experience. Stay tuned for more details!

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8 years ago

The idea of virtual gaming kind of freaks me out. Yes, it’s advanced, but to actually live the game… it could become a little weird for people who can’t separate the difference between fantasy and reality.

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