Sony Release First Details For Upcoming Zombie Game ‘H1Z1’

If you’re a fan of zombie games then you’ll be pleased to learn that Sony has released details and screenshots for their upcoming MMO Survival Zombie title.

H1Z1 5So, what can we expect? John Smedley states that the game will run on an improved version of the engine that Planetside 2 uses. He also pointed out that the title would aim to deliver a far greater experience than that of similar titles, such as DayZ. John continues to say this would be achieved by offering a truly MMO game that can literally host 1000s of players. Other exciting things players will likely be able to do include building forts, modding weapons and interacting with the environment such as blowing up a building.

In DayZ, when you die you lose all of your equipment, will this be the case with H1Z1? It was confirmed that in the current build of the game, when you die, you spawn back with all of your gear and equipment.

Smedley also made it clear that the game would involve ultra-deep crafting systems, stating that he hasn’t seen another game with such a detailed system. An example given was that if a player wanted to get a vehicle working, they would need to find working parts, such as a new battery or tyre.

This game looks set to be something quite special. Check out the H1Z1 screenshots for more details. The game will be free-to-play and coming to PC and PS4, no date has been given for the PS4 release.

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