Sony’s PS4 Pro: The Winning Recipe

It’s obvious knowledge, the PS4 has continued to sell and impress since its release, becoming the console of choice. However, only a naïve company would fail to see and sense where future trends could take us. Sony is a company that loves to innovate, whether it be through content or the technology that powers it. As we begin to see the emergence of 4K gaming, it was somewhere Sony wanted to take the PS4.

Just as consumers aren’t used to technology advancing at a pace that could challenge Usain Bolt, it’s also an area that console manufactures aren’t familiar with either. Of course, each previous PlayStation console was later greeted with a slimmer edition. Yes, the PS4 Slim keeps this very tradition alive, but it’s the PS4 Pro that makes the most noise this time around. Slimming down a console years after release doesn’t require a huge amount of thought, but introducing a machine that has far more power does.

ps4_7000_01_1473281609_tif_jpgcopyFinding the careful balance was at the forefront of Sony’s plan, ensuring current consumers wouldn’t be penalised or forced into upgrading. Simply put, fans who wish to advance to 4K can, and those who would prefer to wait can carry on as normal. This approach seems very fair and attractive; it was certainly a great move by Sony. The games available will be the same, which ever system you own, in fact, only PS VR will open the ability to experience new and unfamiliar titles.

Branding is an area that I believe Sony do better than most companies, they keep things simple and straight forward – something consumers love in a world full of confusing and fussy tech terms. Thus, the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro continue this trend, that’s not forgetting PS VR, too. What’s more, it’s also easy to differentiate between the two based on their aesthetics, with the Slim having two layers and the Pro three.

ps4_7000_10_1473281621_tif_jpgcopyThe fact of the matter is, you might not wish to upgrade to 4K at this moment in time, but how about in the near future? As 4K televisions continue to drop in price, the temptation will probably grow. Seeing games with 4x the resolution is sure to appeal to the majority, especially when they’ve got access to more exciting games such as GT Sport, Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last Guardian, God of War, Days Gone, Crash Bandicoot Remastered, Let It Die – and the many more. That’s not to mention PS VR, which will team-up amazingly well with the PS4 Pro.

With the flood of PS4 exclusive games incoming, the decision to upgrade is sure to become more tempting. This is perhaps why Sony will continue to attract the majority – they understand the market and provide what is needed at the best value.

Careful planning has gone into the PS4 Pro, ensuring it’s not just powerful, but value for money, too. Having the most powerful console doesn’t normally win you the crown, that’s why Sony has used much energy focusing on how they can produce the console at a much smaller price tag than the alternative.

As things stand, the Pro is expected to finalise Sony’s 8th gen console lifecycle, eventually making way for a 9th gen system – The PlayStation 5.

Available November 10th, are you game? How do you feel about Sony’s recent announcement? Be sure to leave your comments below.

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