The 10 Best-Kept Secrets of the PS4

Do you think you know everything about your PS4? Think again! Here are some of the best-kept secrets about your console. Even veteran players will discover some surprises.

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  • Secret 1: Game Data Backup

Are you worried about losing your game data after the hours that you spent to achieve your current level? Back up your data on a USB drive or set up a backup through PSN Cloud. Go to “Settings” and then “Application Saved Data Management” to get started.

  • Secret 2: Controller Light Adjustment

Your Dualshock 4 Light Bar’s light is there to stay, but you can alter its intensity. Visit “Settings,” then “Devices,” then Controllers,” and choose from bright, medium, or dim options.

  • Secret 3: Player Identity Clues Via Lightbar

You may have guessed that the lightbar color on each controller is used to identify the player. Player four is pink, player three is green, and player two is red. Want to be number one? Pick the controller with the blue lightbar. Keep in mind that a few games assign the colors differently to match the characters in-game.

  • Secret 4: Peripheral Options

Did you know that you can use a mouse or a keyboard with your PS4? If you’re new to the PS4, those peripherals give you some limited control via a more familiar device. You can also plug in your own USB microphone or keep your classic PS3 or PS2 headset to use with your new PS4.

  • Secret 5: Privacy Settings

Do you play online a lot? Maybe some haters send you unfriendly messages when you show them up with your gaming skills. If you don’t want that kind of negativity in your life, go to your Messages and select “Options.” From there, adjust your privacy settings so that only your friends can message you. You can even opt to accept messages from no one. You could also choose to hide trophy information or recent activities.

  • Secret 6: The Playstation App

Download the app called Playstation to your phone. Link it with your console by going to Settings>Playstation App Connection Settings>Add Device on your PS4, and you can use your smartphone as a tiny remote for the console. You can even substitute your phone’s keyboard for the on-screen console keyboard. Welcome to a whole new world of PS4 text input, messaging, and more!

  • Secret 7: Share Play

You’ve probably heard about Share Play, but have you actually used it? With Share Play, you can hand over control of your PS4 to anyone on your friends list. That means they can test out the game that you’re playing or help you through a rough spot in a game. A few games block this feature, but many games allow this kind of sharing for up to 60 minutes per game. So if you have a friend that wants to try a game before buying it, start up Share Play.

  • Secret 8: Face Recognition

Are you the primary user of your PS4? If you have a PlayStation Camera, you can enable face recognition so that your PS4 will automatically sign you in. It’s a cool trick, and it saves you the time of signing in yourself.

  • Secret 9: Home Screen Hack

Got too many games and apps cluttering up your PS4 screen? Go to “Settings,” then “System” and click “Limit Number of Contents on the Home Screen.”

  • Secret 10: The Name Game

Want to name your PS4? Visit Settings>System>System Information and you’ll see a blank space where you can type in a name for your device. Think it through and come up with a super-cool name for your favorite console!

Rebecca Kenney

My favourite gaming console is the PS4, of course, and in my spare time I love to write.

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