The Best PS4 Chatpad Accessories

The PS4 is a wonderful console, but it can’t quite do everything. While the DualShock 4 is an excellent controller most people will have no trouble using at all, it’s certainly lacking when it comes to chat features; if you don’t use a headset for voice chat, you’re limited to the software keyboard (or a mobile device), which can be cumbersome and time-consuming to type on. Luckily, there are lots of PS4 chatpad accessories out there that can add a keyboard to your controller, thus helping you to communicate with people when you’re playing online. Here are the best PS4 chatpad accessories you can get right now.


Numskull Officially Licensed PS4 Chatpad

This chatpad is about as close as you’re going to get to an officially-made Sony product. It’s licensed by Sony, meaning that the gaming giant has lent its approval to Numskull’s offering, and it shows. The keyboard’s travel is great and its keys rarely feel like they’re too close together, which can be a serious problem with chatpad devices. What’s more, the chatpad features a built-in speaker and a 3.5mm jack, so you don’t even need to give up your headset to plug it in. For our money, the Numskull PS4 chatpad is the best option on the market right now.


Powcan Mini Wireless PS4 Chatpad

This is an ultra-lightweight option that’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to add any noticeable bulk onto their DualShock 4 controller. At an incredibly light 75 grams, you’ll barely even notice the keyboard is there – until you need to type on it, of course. It’s a super-small, super-sleek device that slots effortlessly into the bottom of your controller. It’s so unobtrusive, you can even leave it on while you’re gaming. Of course, the Powcan keyboard comes complete with every symbol you could need while you’re chatting, plus a few more for good measure. Excellent.


REYTID Wireless PS4 Chatpad

Don’t let the “wireless” in the name fool you; this chatpad still attaches to your PS4 controller. It’s another great offering which allows you to talk to people in your party or in the chat lobby, search for things in the PS Store or on apps like Netflix, or type whatever else you could need to type without resorting to the awkward software keyboard. It is also possible to detach the keyboard from the controller and use it wirelessly if you want to, so if you’d rather not have the keyboard cramping your controller’s style (although it does look great when attached), this is a good choice.


Dobe PS4 Chatpad

If you’re looking for an alternative colour scheme because your controller isn’t the usual black, then you’ve found your option here. The Dobe PS4 chatpad is white and blue, making it immediately more striking and interesting to look at than its black counterparts. Otherwise, it’s business as usual; it’s a keyboard that slots into the 3.5mm jack of your controller, giving you the ability to type using physical keys. Some users have reported issues with sound and headsets, but if you’re after a good keyboard with a slightly different appearance, the Dobe keyboard is solid.


Titanwolf PS4-Compatible Gaming Keyboard

This is a slightly more unusual option for those who aren’t overly enamoured with the standard PS4 chatpad configuration. This mini-keyboard is fully compatible with the PS4, allowing you to use it in control-heavy games like first-person shooters or MMORPGs. You might have a little trouble configuring the keyboard at first, but once you figure it out, you’ll wonder how you did without it. This keyboard is a good option for those who like an unconventional control setup and don’t mind sacrificing a little convenience to achieve it.


TNP PS4 Chatpad

This chatpad from TNP is great for anyone who prefers a slightly more ergonomic look to their keyboard. The keys resemble a classic office setup, complete with lower-case “space” and “alt” keys that complement the overall look of the device. As with all the other options on this list (barring the Titanwolf keyboard, of course), this chatpad slots easily onto your controller and will hold steady during even the most rigorous gaming sessions. Its compact design also makes it easy to type with your thumbs, so you won’t need to distract yourself too much while you’re gaming.


Nyko Type Pad  

Last but not least, we have this little gem from Nyko. It comes in a fetching orange colour and has bold, clear keys so you won’t miss what you’re typing. The layout feels a little more intuitive than other options on this list, and much like most other PS4 chatpads, the Nyko Type Pad connects wirelessly, so you don’t need to hook it up to your console. It’s also rechargeable via the included cable, which wins it some points from us. This is a convenient, low-key, and satisfying keyboard to use, so you can’t go wrong with it.

Unfortunately, the market for PS4 chatpads has somewhat dried up in recent times due to the advent and prevalence of the PS5. That said, you can still get great hardware if you know where to look. We think these chatpads represent the best of the best when it comes to the PS4. Did we miss any chatpads? What’s your favourite keyboard to use when you’re typing on your PS4? Let us know!

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