The Best PS4 Games for April 2023

It’s almost time for April to begin, and for spring to start in earnest. While spring technically arrives in March, the weather doesn’t really begin to improve until April and May, so if you’re sitting in sub-zero conditions and hoping for warmer times, they’re on the way.

Of course, gaming also has plenty to offer in April, and there are some big hitters on the way this month for the PS4. You shouldn’t have too much longer to wait if you want something big and exciting to play, so without further ado, let’s take a look at the best PS4 games arriving in April 2023.

Dead Island 2
Dead Island 2


Atari Mania (April 4th)

This retro excursion has already been available on PC for quite some time, but it’s making its way to the PS4 in early April. It’s part of Atari’s 50th anniversary celebrations, which see the venerated gaming company celebrating its roots and origins with a series of retro throwback homages. In essence, Atari Mania is a microgame collection not dissimilar to games like WarioWare, wrapped up in a retro story full of over-the-top characters and situations. 


GrimGrimoire OnceMore (April 4th)

GrimGrimoire is a classic strategy game from the halcyon days of the PS2, and it’s getting a remaster for the PS4 in April. It’ll be the same magical adventure you know and love (or never got the chance to try way back when), but you’ll also be able to enjoy remastered visuals that bring the game up to speed with modern platforms. GrimGrimoire OnceMore also offers a new skill tree to get to grips with, plus new UI improvements and lots more.


Meet Your Maker (April 4th)

Sony recently announced that Meet Your Maker will be available with a PlayStation Plus subscription on day one, so if you’re on PS Plus, you won’t even need to buy this one. Behaviour’s game is all about building and playing through elaborate outposts crammed to the teeth with traps, enemies, and other hazards; if you like Super Mario Maker but wish it was just a little more edgy, this game will very much be for you. Let’s hope it gets lots of user-generated content to help it stand out.


Curse of the Sea Rats (April 6th)

This four-player Metroidvania boasts a rather curious premise: you play as a British empire prisoner who has been transformed into a rat by notorious pirate witch Flora Burn (who was a real person, but who we’re pretty sure didn’t have the power to transform people into rats). You can either tackle this painterly adventure solo or with up to three friends in co-op, and each of the game’s characters has bespoke skills and abilities you’ll need to use to survive.


Process of Elimination (April 11th)

Do you like Agatha Christie? If your favourite of her novels is And Then There Were None, then you’ll probably like this dark visual novel from reliable workhorse NIS America. Process of Elimination sees 14 detectives descending on a remote island to put a stop to a serial killer, only to realise that the killer resides among their ranks. There’s a demo available that lets you play through the game’s first case as detective Wato Hojo, so you can see if this game will be for you or not. It promises a gripping yarn, at any rate.


Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection (April 14th)

The Mega Man Battle Network games are curious affairs; rather than the high-octane platforming action of the main Mega Man series, Battle Network offers tactical RPG combat, albeit an exciting variation of same that incorporates real-time elements. This collection brings together the six main games from the Battle Network series, as well as the variants released for Battle Network 3 through 6, which means you’ll technically have 10 Mega Man Battle Network titles to play through.


God of Rock (April 18th)

If you ever played Guitar Hero’s head-to-head mode and wished it could be its own game (albeit without the peripherals), then God of Rock is for you. It’s a one-on-one fighting-rhythm hybrid in which each player must hit button prompts on the beat to deal damage to their opponent. By scoring points and dealing damage, you’ll build up your EX meter, which will allow you to add more complexity to your opponent’s board. Think of it as Guitar Hero meets competitive Columns.


Minecraft Legends (April 18th)

Despite Microsoft owning Minecraft studio Mojang, Legends is still making its way to PS4, so rejoice if you’re a Minecraft fan. This rather curious experiment is a real-time strategy game set in what amounts to the Minecraft universe (think aesthetic rather than lore). The dreaded piglins have arrived to set the world ablaze, and you must inspire your friends to take the fight to them in strategic battles that will exercise your brain as much as your controller reflexes.


Dead Island 2 (April 21st)

We’ve been waiting a very long time indeed for this one. Deep Silver’s zombie-slaying action RPG has been through a fair few developers, but it’s finally settled on British studio Dambuster, and we’ll get to play it in late April. Four quirky survivors must explore the landscape of post-zombie Los Angeles (or “Hell-A”, as the developers call it) in order to dispatch the undead, find other survivors in need of assistance, and build hilariously over-the-top weaponry with which to carve a swath through the zombie hordes.

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